Wisconsin Wins Again at Purdue

The Year of Wisconsin in West Lafayette

The second half of the sports season is just underway, and it already seems like the Wisconsin Badgers really enjoy coming to West Lafayette. I have photographed them winning a lot here this year. Thursday night was no exception. They led Purdue early, and then pulled away late to take home the Big Ten win. For most of the game it was a good game with Purdue being just a few points behind. They then went on a run to take the lead, and get the crowd into the game. Late though they could not score, and the Badgers pulled away. It was nice being back on the sidelines though, and I will have to get back in Mackey sooner rather than later.

Back In Mackey Arena

It had been a while since I last shot in Mackey Arena. In fact the last time that I shot there was for Florida State at the beginning of December. It was nice to be back in there shooting again. I was not shooting for anyone in particular, and I stayed on the Purdue side the entire game. It would have been nice to shoot them winning a game. One thing that I noticed this game was that my normal first half spot on the end of the baseline was the spot to stop for the refs in the first half. When I picked a spot for the second half I tucked in right next to the TV camera as the ref does a good job of not stopping in front of him. If you are having trouble with the refs and TV is at the game then get as close to that camera as you can. It will help you make your images.

Bonus Photos

I have put up a gallery from the game up on my website here. I went back and forth between shooting for content, and then just going for a certain photo. With no attachment for the game I could gamble a bit. Sometimes the gambles pay off. In the end I was happy with my take from the game.


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