Morning on the Wabash River

The Sun Rises Over the Wabash River

Yesterday I made another trip to the Wabash to see what was happening in the morning. The critter world must have decided to sleep in as nothing was happening on that end. The sun did decided to peak out though on the water. The warm rays of the sun created a nice effect on the ice cold water. The Wabash is getting close to freezing over. The icebergs floating by are getting bigger everyday. I chose this spot because the animal tracks take you right down to the river and the steam. I like things that lead you into the photo, and here the animal really does.

Always Have a Backup Plan

The last couple of days I have not done so well with the eagles. With that in mind I know that it is a hit or miss proposition. The other day when we saw one that caught a fish right in front of us it was very lucky. I usually have something else to try while I am there so it is not a wasted trip. I took my Canon 5D Mark III with me knowing that I might have a great morning shot if nothing else. Had I just been single minded I would have just had an iPhone shot of this moment.


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