My First Bald Eagle Photos of 2015!

Photographing a Beautiful Work of Art

I have been checking out some of my locations to see the bald eagles for the last couple of weeks. They could be back at anytime, and I really want to see them again when I can try out some of my new gear on them. They are beautiful to watch, and I finally have the gear to capture that. While I wait for them though I had one bird that I could photograph whenever I wanted. While I was home for Christmas my uncle gave this wood sculpture of an eagle to my wife and I. I knew that he had been working on a piece for us to give as a wedding present, and I was eager to see what he had made. He is amazing with wood. I can’t believe the things that he sees in a piece of wood. More than that he goes into the wood to bring his vision out of it. This is a phenomenal piece that will sit in a place where I can see it everyday.

Bonus Photos

I made a few other photos of this great piece while in the studio. Below you can find a couple of detail shots of the eagle along with another wide view. You can click on any image to see it larger. The first image below was taken in the same location as the main photo above. The same light in the room, but a change in the way that I used my speed lights on the eagle. It was a fun exercise to try some different light on the sculpture.


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