First Impressions of the iPhone 6

Trying Out the iPhone 6 at the Pumpkin Patch

One of my first times out with my new phone was to the pumpkin patch. I wanted to see what kind of detail it could capture. I was very happy with the results. When making photos of my step daughters class I used it for the group shots. I had the Canon G16 with me, but the iPhone performed just fine. It is nice to have a good camera with you at all times, and I am starting to really trust the iPhone for certain shots. Don’t worry though my dSLR will not be replaced just yet. It does way too much for me.

Spending a Couple of Weeks With the iPhone 6 Plus

I have spent the last couple of weeks really trying out the photo features on the new iPhone 6. It is a great upgrade from the iPhone 5 that I was using prior to it. The size is something that you really need to get used to at the start. Once you do though the old iPhone just seems too small. I have posted a video that I made entirely on the phone using the new slow motion feature along with iMovie. You can really do some cool things from a video standpoint. What I wanted to see was how the phone handled low light situations, and how far the HDR function has come. When I first picked up the iPhone 4 the term HDR was new to me. Now after spending the early days of this blog using HDR techniques on food I know it all too well. I also know a certain look that I like from my HDR images. For some reason the iPhone just seems to fall short here. It works in small doses, but for a truly dynamic scene it does not do too well. I do like the burst mode on the camera though. This basically allows you to motor drive a scene and then pick the best one. I didn’t even realize what I was doing at first, but I was very happy to see the results. When you are trying to get that one expression from your child the burst mode really helps capture that key moment.

Photography is getting much more into a state of making your images and sending them on the go. For someone like me who likes to tweak them in post that can be rough. The new IOS 8 helps you perform some of the tweaks. It even makes it easy to tweak them in a program made by a third party. Adobe has really stepped up to the plate with their new phone and tablet apps. Lightroom mobile is great for performing most of the quick edits I like to apply to an image. SmugMug has really made it easy to upload from my phone or tablet as well. My workflow has the ability to become much more streamlined if I want it to.

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