Meet Rusty

Greeting the New Puppy

This weekend while visiting my brother I met the new puppy in the house. When this blog first started a lot of the content during the photo a day phase came from their then puppy Patriot. Rusty is a mobile pup so I waited for him to rest a minute so that I could make this photo. I am sure that you will see more of Rusty in the future.

Editing the Photo in Lightroom Mobile

Being on the go I did not take my computer south with me. I wanted to get today’s post up before I got home so I took the large JPEG that my camera always puts on a second card into Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. I was able to perform most of the edits that I would have done on my laptop without having to wait until I got home. Lightroom Mobile definitely has it’s place. It is perfect for a situation like this one.


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