Wrigley Field Turns 100

Picking the Right Time to Photograph Wrigley Field

Earlier this spring I took a train across Chicago to see Wrigley Field and the signage that was put up to mark the 100th anniversary of the park. When I arrived at the stadium it was still pretty light outside, but some of the workers were cleaning the bricks with a power washer. The wet bricks made for great photos. I made some pictures then that have appeared on this site. I wanted to make a shot at the blue hour as well. I thought that the blue in the sky would play well with the blue that makes up the Cubs uniform. I made this image from right in front of the stadium with my fisheye lens.

Using the Fisheye Lens Sparingly

This might be a misleading title as I use my fisheye lens more than I think that most people do. I usually get this close up distorted view of my subject, and then back up and use either the 17-35mm or the 24-70mm to get a more realistic look. For some reason I have a great fondness for this look though. Almost any event that I cover has at least one fisheye shot somewhere in the album. It may not make the selects, but I had some way of working it into the event. It is a way to put a new look on a subject that may have been seen many times before. I bought my fisheye lens thinking that I would not use it too much. With that in mind I bought the 8mm Rokinon lens on Amazon.com. It was a great price for what I thought that I would be using it for. Over the last couple of years I have more than gotten my money’s worth with it. I will post a review of the lens in the near future as it is one that I think does not get the credit that it deserves.

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