Sunset in Ocean Pines

Looking For the Great Light in Ocean City, Maryland

During this last trip to Ocean City I decided to try and chase the light a little more. With a family it is not always feasible to make every sunrise or sunset. For the most part I was watching the sunset with my family. One night after dinner though my niece came inside to tell me that the sky was a great color. I looked out, and I saw that it was pink. I made a few pictures with the pink sky, and then it started to change. It really was amazing how much the sky changed in a five minute period. A small rain storm must have been a couple of miles away, and the introduction of those clouds just amped everything up tremendously. The pink sky with the purple clouds made me very happy. I was not able to see the end of the sunset on this night, but I can only imagine that it was amazing.

Editing This Photo in Lightroom 5

On the scene that day I made three images two stops apart each with HDR in mind. I have not been doing much HDR lately, but in a scene like this I knew that I needed all of the range that I could get. Having two stops on either side of the metered exposure gives me a lot of data to work with in post. I sent the 32 bit file back into Lightroom to use the sliders inside of Lightroom to work on it. You can see how flat the 32 bit image is below. You really have to realize that this is just the beginning, and the file has a lot of data in it. For this photo I used the HDR Look preset by Matt Kloskowski to start off once back in Lightroom. From there I tweaked the photo a bit to get the look that I wanted. I really thought that the color was beautiful that night, and I wanted to be able to show that to the reader here. I adjusted the exposure to get it close, and then tweaked the sliders to get what I wanted. One thing about HDR is that it comes off a bit over saturated at times. I had to tone down the vibrance for once instead of cranking it. Even after taking it down quite a bit you can still see the great color that was visible that night.

dock sunset 32 bit


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