Gear Review: Wasabi Batteries for the GoPro Hero 3 and 3+

wasabi for gopro

Using Wasabi Batteries for My GoPro

When I bought my GoPro I was looking for a wall charger. I saw a Wasabi charger on for $23.99, and it even came with two batteries! I was not expecting much from the batteries, but they really seemed to have a similar performance to the GoPro batteries that are $19.99 a piece. In fact they may even outperform the GoPro. I have five batteries now for my GoPro, and two of them are Wasabi. They have a new deal where you can get two batteries plus a dual wall charger and a dual USB charger for $39.99. This might be the deal to get if you are going to jump onto the Wasabi train. I will be getting the deal just to get the extra chargers. That is a great way to now charge four more batteries at a time.

Final Verdict

I think that you have already figured out what I am going to say here. This is a great deal that will extend the time that you can run your GoPro at a great price. I have ordered a couple more batteries for my Canon Powershot G16, and I will let you know how they perform in that camera. I am usually a person who needs to have the OEM batteries for my cameras. The Wasabi has changed that a bit. If it works well in my G16 I may try it in the 5DMark III. Wasabi has made me rethink off brand batteries. The only thing that I will say is to make sure that you are getting the newest batteries for your GoPro whether it is the GoPro Brand or an off brand. They have switched to a lithium ion polymer battery that lasts longer than even the batteries that were given out with the Hero 3. They give you about a half hour of extra usage depending on how you are using it. Look for the word polymer to make sure that you are getting the newest battery.

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