Gear Review: Wasabi Power For GoPro

Wasabi Power for GoPro

Reviewing the New Line of Wasabi Power

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the Wasabi batteries and how they worked just as well as the older GoPro batteries. With the new GoPro Hero 3+ they came out with a Lithium Ion Polymer battery. That battery was supposed to last longer, and it really does. Without missing a beat Wasabi has come out with their version of the battery, and it is a winner as well. The old battery would only last around an hour. This new one can go above 1.5 hours with the right conditions. It really is amazing, and of course you cannot beat the price. After writing the previous review I decided to upgrade to the newer batteries. Of course I wanted all of the toys that came along with them.

Buying the Kit

Above you can see all that I received in my kit from Amazon that I purchased for $33. For that low price you get two batteries, a dual wall charger, a dual slot USB car charger, and the dual slot USB wall charger. Keep in mind that one GoPro battery is $20. This is a great bargain that is well worth the money. I first took a chance on Wasabi thinking that getting the wall charger was well worth my money. This time I wanted all of the peripheral equipment, but the batteries are now a known commodity. They are great, and a lower cost alternative to the GoPro battery. You can purchase the batteries here on Amazon. By giving you the link I think that you can guess what my verdict is here. Buy the batteries as quick as you can. They are worth it, and on an older GoPro Hero 3 you will get longer run times than with the battery that came with the camera by at least a half an hour.

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