Inspiring Images: The Bamboo Forest by Trey Ratcliff

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

Inspiring Image

I started this portion of the blog during the Purdue Sports season when my mind was really solely on sports. I started showing off some images that really inspired me to try new things other than just capture the obvious action. Those images come with a price though. They are usual copyright protected, and the owners could come after even a little blog like this one. That never happened, but to be on the safe side I shelved the column. For some reason I never thought about going back over to the landscape side of things. There are a lot of photographers there that can see the value of having their work shared. For my landscape work I operate under Creative Commons (non commercial) which means that you can use my image as long as it is not for monetary gain. The artist that I learned about this from made the photo above. His name is Trey Ratcliff.

Like most photographers who hear the term HDR the first person that I found when I searched for it on the internet was Trey. After seeing his stuff I went out to make similar images. Of course mine were over processed with many halos off the bat. I actually have watched hours of video by Trey where he shows exactly how he makes his images look the way that they do. Just hearing his philosophy on photography is very interesting. We come from the same photography background which is no formal training. Early on in studying Trey I found the photo above which was taken in Kyoto, Japan. For some reason it has always stuck with me as my favorite work of his. He makes fantastic images, and continues to post one a day at least. For some reason though this image has always stuck out to me. The lines all lead you down the path, and your mind can wonder what is at the end of it. It is simple and beautiful to look at.

I owe a lot to Trey. I had already started this blog when I first heard of him. He has shaped how it looks though. When I started I had no idea that I could make a header for my posts. I learned that from Trey. When my photo 365 project was complete I kept the blog going and still posting a photo a day because of the great model that Trey has. When I found his work I was still very impressionable as an artist. The slight dreamy quality that he gives his photos really spoke to me, and inspired the look that I have taken on. Watching his tutorials inspired me to show how I have made some of my photos. While the quality of the videos is not as good the idea is still there.

How to Find Trey

See that header? That is header three on WordPress. They now have a convenient drop down menu with which you can select it, but before they did I learned the simple code from watching a video of Trey’s. If you want to see more of his work you can click here to be taken to his SmugMug site with his portfolio. You will see a familiar image very quickly as you scroll through the photos. His blog can be found at As I mentioned above he posts a new photo everyday with a little background behind the photo. From his blog you can find his tutorials which are well worth the money.

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