Goat Portraits

Photo of the Day

A couple of weeks ago I assisted on a portrait shoot on a goat farm. It was a very cool shoot that involved the model, her violin, and a few jumping baby goats. While scouting locations I saw this larger goat that just looked awesome. It turns out that it also took direction very well. I asked for a smile and an aloof look with the eyes, and I got it right away. This was a very short shoot because of the obvious modeling talent of the goat.

Technical Data

This was an interesting photo to edit. I wanted the sky to come out like it was on the day that I was there. Unfortunately I did not light my model so the dynamic range of light was just too much to overcome. I decided to just have the goat look natural, and the grey sky would just have to stay. On location I wanted to get the goats head above the clutter in the background. I thought that I could worry about the sky later. I guess in retrospect a backdrop could have been used to solve all of my problems. In Lightroom I used the sports game day preset to start off. I then tweaked my sliders to get the look that I wanted here. In the end a very quick shoot turned into a photo that I like.

Photo Sale!

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