A Different Kind of Basket

Photo of the Day

On Easter Sunday I covered the Purdue Baseball game against Michigan. I got to the game a little early to make some pictures of the park. While I was in the dugout I saw the basket of baseballs. On a day when kids everywhere find baskets left for them I thought that this was pretty cool. Instead of eggs this basket was full of baseballs. I moved one ball to show the NCAA logo a little better, but everything else was just as I found it. For some reason I really like this photo. I think it is the simple nature of it.

Bonus Photos

As with all games I have a couple ways to see more images from the day. The first is a photo that I placed below. It is of the second set of Purdue baseball cards that were released yesterday. Some of the cards feature my images which is pretty cool. I have talked about it on social media, but 30 years ago I traded some french fries for a 1984 Topps Vance Law card. It was the start of a few years of heavy collecting. Now as an adult it is awesome to see my work end up on a card. Series three comes out next Sunday, so head out to the park to get your set. You can see my photo gallery from the game here at PurdueSports.com. I also created an Exposure page for the weekend. Between those two you can get a pretty good idea of what I shot this past weekend.


Bonus Video

Since today is Dyngus Day I thought that I would include a bonus video. Enjoy your day!

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