Tune In To 91.7

Photo of the Day

Tune in to 91.7. That is what the sign says on the outside of my brother’s house in Martinsville, Indiana. Every year he puts on a display of lights set to music that just seems to get bigger every year. You can see more about his display on his Facebook page here. I had a big plan for this photo, but for some reason it really did not turn out how I thought it should. The good news is that I have time on my side to make it better.

Technical Data

For this photo I had an idea in mind. Perhaps it was too far reaching of an idea. I wanted to get a picture of the house with all of the lights on, and then shut the lights down, and get a picture of the stars in the sky around the house. Trying for both at the same time would not work, but separately it could. I could then mask the photos together in Photoshop. I admittedly am not very good in Photoshop. In fact with the new edition that I own I couldn’t even figure out how to get the two photos into the same project for a while. Eventually I merged the two photos together. Somewhere in the dark of the night though my focus must have been off. I don’t like the look of the stars here. I think that this really is a photo that deserves a redo. Sometimes the fun of having a big idea is going through the process of figuring out just how to make it happen. It is that challenge that makes photography fun for me.

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