iPhone Friday: Kennedy and Johnson

iPhone Photo

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched many of the shows about the death of President Kennedy. I have been to many Presidential Libraries, but the Kennedy Library in Boston has eluded me. I have seen the libraries of Lincoln, Hoover, Truman, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Bush 1, and Clinton. It has always amazed me how some of these men came to be the most powerful men in the world. The picture above was taken at the Johnson Library in Austin, Texas. As you stand and take in the archives on the fourth floor of the museum you can see some great art just below it. Johnson is featured with former Presidents Kennedy and Truman along with a relief of Johnson by himself. I liked the above relief because of the complex issue that it depicts. LBJ really was not a man to play second fiddle. He had to though as the Vice President. Things were not going well for him in November of 1963. One day in Dallas changed his fortunes though. It is a shame that his moment of triumph had to be clouded in death.

Technical Data

This was a photo taken with my Blackberry Storm. That being said I could not do much to it without the picture falling apart. I did bring it into Lightroom 5 to try a couple of things though. I tried a couple of presets on it to see what would happen. I liked the overall look that the strong sports game day preset gave me. I did not like the vignette though so I got rid of that.


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