A Vintage Windmill

Photo of the Day

Yesterday I received a package from Lens Rentals. For this busy weekend I picked up a Canon 5D Mark III, and  a Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens. I have been wanting to try both of these out for a while now. The Mark III has been my dream Camera since 2011. Of course as soon as the camera came I loaded up the car to go out and shoot. I really wanted to see what this camera could do. The camera felt a bit weird in my hands at first because I have no battery grip for it. The first thing that I noticed when I put my 24-70mm lens on the camera was how much more I could see. It was a blast using the camera, and I am sure that you will be flooded with pictures from it over the course of the next few weeks. When you only have six days with a camera you really feel the need to just go out and shoot.

Technical Data

The one thing that I did not like was the metering system on the camera. It seemed as if all of my shots were overexposed using the same settings that I would have on my 60D. I guess the camera really does let in more light. I am sure that I am missing something in the settings that I will have to adjust before going forward. To edit this photo I simply used the sports gameday (light) preset by Matt Kloskowski. It really gives me the look that I like on these images. For the farm shots I like a little desaturated look for some reason. 


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