Fever Pitch

Photo of the Day

Over the past few weeks I have been consumed by soccer. I feel that I shoot sports that I know very well so I dove head first into soccer to learn it a bit better. I think that soccer is a lot like hockey, and when I think about it that way it becomes much easier for me to understand. It is much more random than baseball or football though so the reflexes have to come into play much more. My hit rate was not very high during the first match that I photographed this season, but as I understand the game it is going up. I made this picture just before leaving a high school game last week. I will photograph two soccer games this coming weekend with the intention of getting a little closer to the action. I will also try a couple of new things that I could not before because of equipment. I have a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens coming for the weekend so I should be able to get some much tighter shots resulting in less cropping.

Technical Data

The only real editing done here was a small crop to straighten the picture. I shot blindly holding the camera down so I was a bit off horizontally. I fixed that in Lightroom, and the picture was ready to go. I love easy edits.

Behind the Scenes Video

I have been trying to make more videos showing what I am doing behind the camera. It helps me get better as well as shows a different view of the sport. My Go Pro in wide mode works very well in landscape work, but not so much for field sports. I may use it for sports again during basketball season, but for now I will stick with my Nikon. I like the zoom ability that it gives me. Here is one last sports video shot with the Go Pro. I have an idea for the Go Pro this weekend during the roller derby bout, but I will get into that more later.


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