A Quick Portrait Session

Photo of the Day

Yesterday I made my first trip to Wolf Park in quite a while. This is a place that is very peaceful, and I love visiting it. Right when the gates opened yesterday though the skies opened up. I decided to wait out the rain in the observation building because I did not have any gear to keep my camera dry. I actually spent quite a bit of time in the observation building without seeing a wolf close by. I could see a couple of wolves across Turtle Pond, but I don’t have the gear to capture them. I actually was checking out a couple of things on Twitter when I saw something appear just below me. It was this wolf who I guess wanted to pose for me. I ended up with a couple of other pictures, but this picture that was right in front of me was my favorite. A couple of other pictures from yesterday might make the blog in the future, but for now enjoy this photo of Wotan.

Technical Data

Shooting through glass is never an optimal situation. When the glass is smudged it is really not a great situation. I knew that some of the sliders in Lightroom would bring the smudge out a bit. I had to walk a fine line when processing this RAW file. In the end I liked the end result enough to make it the photo of the day.

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