Friday Night Great Light

Photo of the Day

Last Friday I was making some pictures at a local high school football scrimmage for a couple of reasons. One is that I love any type of football. The fact that it was being played just down the road was great news for me. The second was the fact that the game would be played in great light. In fact had the clouds moved just a little faster most of the latter portion of the game would have been in great light. During a stoppage in play I noticed this shot, and I thought that it was pretty great. You have the fading light with a player pretty much posing looking into it. This is why I went to the game.

You can see more images from the game on my Facebook page here.

Technical Data

This was a single RAW file edited in Lightroom 5. I had bracketed with the thought of merging files in Photomatix, but there was too much movement to try. I knew that I could get enough range out of this one file to suite my needs. I had thoughts of converting this image to a landscape orientation, but in the end decided to keep it here. This was shot with my go to lens lately which is my 24-70mm f/2.8. This is a great lens that really has stepped up my game.

Behind the Scenes Video

While it is a little bumpy here is a behind the scenes video that I took during part of the game last week. If I would quit chimping at my LCD screen it would help things tremendously.


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