Challenging the System


Photo of the Day

Last night I was at the White Sox game against the New York Yankees. We had planned this trip for a while, but we were surprised to learn that we would see the season debut of Alex Rodriguez. We knew that suspensions were coming soon, but had no idea that he would get a 211 game suspension the day of the game. The game quickly turned into a circus. The White Sox had lost ten straight games so I don’t know what kind of buzz would have surrounded this game normally. It would have been a ho-hum Monday night contest. With the circus that ARod brought to town the game had a playoff type atmosphere. The Sox sold 3,200 walk up tickets. That is a lot for a team going nowhere fast this season. The good news for me is that ARod had little impact on the game, and the White Sox won 8-1. I don’t get to attend many Sox games anymore since I moved further south so it is nice when they win. This season it is nice anytime that they win.

I was torn watching ARod warm up last night. On one hand his return created some buzz for the game last night. The Sox won on a night when most of the sports community was watching. On the other hand you have to wonder what is going through his mind. He has spent the last decade or so dancing around the steroid issue. There seems to be a lot of smoke around him, and after watching Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong deny PED use only to later admit guilt you can’t trust ARod. He is fighting an uphill battle just to see a few more days on the field. It will be interesting to see what happens when his appeal is heard. It sounds as if it will be after the season so in reality he had better pad his stats while he still can. I think that at some point you have to drop the hammer on someone to stop the PED’s. An aging superstar would have been a great example. At some point baseball needs to stop the small bans on the players. They are a small price to pay for the reward the players see. A ban that hurts is the only way that baseball will clean this up. Anyway I had better get off my soapbox quickly.

Technical Data

This was a very easy edit. I used Matt Kloskowski’s light sports preset to start things off. I then upped the highlights, and reduced the vignette. As with most sports images this was quick and easy.

Bonus Video

Here is a short video that I took last night as ARod took his first at bat of the season. I had a feeling the Chicago fans would let him have it, and they did not disappoint. I used my GoPro Hero 3 to capture the moment. I popped it on my camera during the ninth inning to get some video of me making some pictures. That video may go up in the future.


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