The Providence Spring

Photo of the Day

A few years ago I stopped by the Andersonville prison site that is just south of Atlanta. I knew about the prison from the TV movie, but I really was able to appreciate a little of what the prisoners went through. During their time imprisoned they had a small water supply that ran through the camp. The water first ran through the guard camp so it was soiled by the time it reached the prisoners. A torrential rain washed away much of the camp in August of 1964 after a brutal heat wave. It was a Godsend for the prisoners. During the rains the story goes that a lightning bolt struck the ground, and a fresh water spring rose up from where the strike hit. The photo above is of that spring as it looked in 2006. I loved the story of how the spring gave hope to the prisoners, and now the story makes its way onto the blog.

Technical Data

I used a Trey Ratcliff preset to bring out all of the dynamic range in this photo. I really did not know what I was doing with my camera at the time so I just used auto most of the time. It would give me some decent results some of the time, and thanks to the magic of Lightroom I can fix some of the times that it did not work so great.

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