…And the Pitch

ohio state pitcher

Throwback Photo

Tomorrow I will be at Alexander Field for Opening Day…maybe. This stadium just does not want to open, but I think that finally I will be there tomorrow. I don’t have any throwback pictures featuring Purdue Baseball, but I do have this one of their opponent tomorrow Ohio State. I have seen Ohio State play many times in baseball, but the first time was in 2004. I have already posted a couple of pictures from the two days that I spent in Minneapolis. I attended five sporting events in two days in three venues. This is the only venue that has not made the blog so far. This picture was taken at Siebert Field during one of two games that was played that morning. I loved the form of this pitcher, and I tried to capture that with my point and shoot. Looking back now it is funny how ever since this day I have done the same no matter what camera and lens is in my hands. Some pitching forms just cry out to be photographed. I have always liked this picture so it is fitting that it finally makes the blog.

Technical Data

As with most of these throwback pictures I do not have a lot of pixels to play with. With that in mind I simply imported the photo to Lightroom and processed it with Matt Kloskowski’s light sports preset. A couple of tweaks with the sliders later, and the photo was ready to export. With these older photos the process is very quick.

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