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Photo of the Day

Last January I made my first trip to Frankfort during my photo 365 project. I really was running out of ideas in Lafayette, and I decided to branch out for the day. It was day 100 of my project, and I was very excited about getting a great image or two on that day. I made an image of the side of the mail pouch building that was my post that day. You can follow the link here to it. That was in my early days of HDR work when I thought bigger was better. I cringe looking at those photos now, but they were part of the learning process so I leave them up on this site. This year just before Christmas I visited the town again almost a year later. I was concentrated on making pictures of the Christmas decorations at the time. I posted a couple of those images during the Christmas season. I did have one image in mind though when I went to town. I wanted to try this shot here. The year before I made a similar image, but it was over the top. Sometimes I tried to cover up a bad situation with HDR, and that just compounded my problem. I realized that if I kept the shot in black and white that I had something. I went into this with black and white in mind, and I really like the result. Maybe you have noticed the switch to black and white lately. I really like the look it gives some of my shots. I always thought of it as stealing the color from my shots, but now I just see it as taking out the distracting elements. Sometimes it has the same effect as a crop. I have been having some fun making pictures with black and white in mind. In Colorado I knew that the clean or grey sky would kill the picture. Making the picture with black and white in mind helped me achieve a better result in the end. I have posted two pictures today, and they have both been black and white. When this blog started I never would have thought that would be the case.

Technical Data

This was actually part of a three picture bracketed series with HDR in mind. I realized though that if I just took the normal exposure I might have something. I started off by using Matt Kloskowski’s light HDR black and white preset in Lightroom. Changing this to black and white was no big deal as the only real color in the picture was the Mail Pouch building. After the preset was applied I really worked hard to get the mix of exposure, black, and whites right. I used the option key trick to set both the blacks and the whites, and then worked on moving the exposure slider to get it just right. After that was done I went back to the black and white sliders to adjust them one last time. I really like the finished image. This is what I wanted to capture in January of 2012, but was so blinded by HDR that I went away from my original idea. Here I think I finally have the image that I wanted.

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