Throwback Thursday: Johan vs. The Big Hurt

big hurt vs. johan

Throwback Photo

I took this photo on the same day as the Throwback Photo from last week. While playing around with images that I could use the tilt shift technique on I came across this one of Frank Thomas at bat against Johan Santana. I have always liked this image because if showed two giants squaring off. On this day Frank Thomas (the Big Hurt) would win out as Johan was knocked from the game in the fourth after giving up seven runs. Johan did not let that get him down though as he would go on to have one of the best second halves in baseball history on his way to the 2004 Cy Young Award. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I think that this was the last game he lost until 2005. At any rate he had an incredible streak that put him at the top as one of the greats in the game at the time. Frank Thomas as we all know ended up with 521 home runs, and should be a first ballot Hall of Famer next year. This was fun to watch for me because my team was getting the best of the Twins for once. They did not do that a lot back then. Ozzie Guillen was putting the pieces in place for a World Series run the following year. As I said last week this was the fourth baseball game in two days that I watched, and I loved every minute of it.

Technical Data

Once again I used Lightroom to get this shot where I wanted it to be, and then I sent a copy of the picture over to On One Software’s Focal Point 2.1 to mimic the look of a tilt shift lens. I love how this effect makes the scene appear to be one inside of a toy box. For this photo I also felt that it heightened the pitcher vs. batter matchup as well. I think that it makes this photo a little better than it was straight out of the point and shoot that took it. I always had trouble making pictures with a point and shoot in low light situations such as this, but I got lucky here. Lucky enough to preserve a great matchup on the diamond.

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