Bright Lights, Big City

times square

Photo of the Day

In 2008 we visited New York as our first big baseball trip. We got into town late at night just after a big rain. As a photographer I could not ask for more. I was not really shooting landscapes at the time though as I mostly just shot sports. In situations like this I would just put my camera in auto mode. It would get me results some of the time, but it would often leave me with a result that I didn’t like. This picture is an example of one of those times. Most of this shot was just dark out of the camera. Only through the magic of photo editing software was I able to bring it back to something that I could like. It was a grand scene, and I am glad that I was able to preserve this memory of my first time there.

Technical Data

Yesterday I participate in a Webinar for Topaz Labs. They focused on the Black and White 2 program that they have, but it got me interested in other webinars that they have done. I watched one on Night Photography on YouTube to get some ideas. It really did give me some insight into their products that I have not had. Most of my experience has been that it takes longer to use them than I can make the same effect in Lightroom. This entire shot was edited using Topaz products, and I really like the result. First off I oped up Lightroom to send the photo over to my Topaz center which is photoFXlab. I used that to open up Topaz Adjust 5. I saw Nichole Paschal who ran the webinar use Spicify on a night image to great success. I used the same filter here, and I liked what it did. The only problem though was that to get the scene lit correctly meant that I had a lot of noise. I then hit okay to go back to the lab so that I could open up Topaz DeNoise 5. This is a great product which I have used a little recently. I used the strong jpeg filter to get the noise under control. From there I was able to send the photo back to Lightroom so that I could export it. The only trouble that I see here is that when I edit a copy of a picture from Lightroom I lose all of my Metadata. I will have to fix that because I really like what the two programs can do together.

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