You Can Go Home Again

Photo of the Day

I thought that I would throw this photo in as a bonus today because I have always liked it. I have never showed it off much because of a flaw in the photo, but I will talk more about that later. I went up to Wisconsin a couple of years ago for a big weekend doubleheader of football. I had a blast, and that is still one of my favorite weekends that I have traveled. I saw the Boilers play in Wisconsin on Saturday, and on Sunday I was able to make my first trip to Lambeau Field to see the Packers play. What made it more intense for me is that it was against the Minnesota Vikings with their new quarterback Brett Favre. I have always wished that Brett just would have done the right thing at the end and retire when he should have. It would have been great to always think of him as a Packer. Now we have to deal with seeing these odd pictures of him in a Jets uniform not to mention what he looks like in a rivals uniform. In the end his comeback allowed me to see him play in the stadium where he made so many great plays. Here he celebrates with receiver Bernard Berrian after his fourth touchdown throw while Percy Harvin lets the Packer faithful know how good the quarterback is.

Technical Data

Here is where things got fun for me. As I said before I have always liked this picture because Percy Harvin appears to be looking right at my camera. He was actually looking at the guy in front of me who was taunting him with a hand gesture. That hand gesture appeared in the lower left hand corner of the picture. No matter what kind of crop that I performed I could never get rid of it. This past weekend I was messing around, and decided to give the clone tool a try that is in Lightroom. After a couple of attempts I really got the image to something that was a little easier on my eyes. The job won’t hold up to close scrutiny, but it looks good enough for the web. To give the picture the look that you see above I used one of Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom presets on it. I really like how it makes some of my sports pictures look, and it did a great job here.


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