Day 318 Bonus: Will He Survive?

Bonus Photo of the Day

Last night we were eating dinner at DT Kirby’s in Lafayette getting ready to watch a band just outside of the bar. We had great seats for the show, and I sensed a picture opportunity coming up when the Lafayette Theater turned on their sign. Just before the band started they called up Rupert Boneham to speak. Rupert was one of the fan favorites on the show Survivor which I never watched. Never watching the show though I still knew who he was. Rupert is now running for Governor of the State of Indiana. I don’t know if he will win or not, but it made for a good picture. The whole scene in front of us was part of Outfest ’12. They had a few blocks of Lafayette closed off last night for the event. It certainly made for an interesting stroll down Main Street last night.

Technical Data

This shot was once again edited in Lightroom 4. For a while all I did was use Photomatix to make HDR images. Now I have kind of evened things out a bit. I really tried to use the program to bring everything out here. If not for movement this was a perfect candidate for HDR. The contrast between the lights on the marquee and the people would have been perfect. Instead I tried to do the best that I could. In the end I like what I accomplished enough to post it as the bonus picture for yesterday.

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