Day 310: Here is the Steeple

Photo of the Day

Tonight we went out to eat, and then shopping at our favorite store Meijer. When we went in I remember looking at the clouds thinking that it could be a beautiful sunset. As we walked out my vision was realized. Being where we were our options were limited. I spotted this little church across the street and we went for it. I thought the steeple would look great against the colorful sky. Maybe someday I can get another scenic shot at sunset. Maybe tonight I can get a sunset with something in it.

Technical Data

In the car looking at my LCD screen I thought that all this needed was a crop. With that in mind I wasn’t even going to load it into Lightroom. When I opened it up on my iPad I noticed something similar to what I have seen lately. The picture looked very flat. The colors that seemed to pop off the back of my phone were not there. I opened the file up in Snapseed to work on it a bit, and then realized that I wanted to play with this in Lightroom. When I opened it up the first thing that I did was adjust the white balance. I chose cloudy, and was very pleased with the result. From there it was just a matter of slightly adjusting the picture. I also did a bit of cropping to get rid of a tree that was coming into the frame on the right. I could have slid over, but I liked the angle that I picked.


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