Day 306: Am I a Mac or a PC?

Photo of the Day

Over the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with a question. I need a new laptop and I have been thinking about switching to a Mac. There are a lot of reasons to make the witch, but I think hat the only thing holding me back has been the software. All of my programs will have to be bought again. I need to decide what to do now before more software is bought. I figured what is the point of having tens of followers if I can’t ask some advice. I think that I have decided to go over to Mac. What do you think? Am I making the right choice? I took this picture with my iPad of my brothers Mac. I borrowed it for the night to see how it would run my programs. If it passes my tests I will have a new one soon.

Technical Data

Not much to say here today. As I said before I took the pic with my iPad, I took the picture and edited it with the Camera+ app. I chose the depth of field preset to add a little drama to a pretty boring shot.


2 Replies to “Day 306: Am I a Mac or a PC?”

  1. I switched to mac 7 years ago and I’ve never looked back. In fact I wouldn’t ever use Windows again, because it’s so infuriating in comparison. The reason for my switch back then was that I wanted an operating system that just works without me having to interfere, tweak it or worry about it. Although Mac OS X is just so uncomplicated it has all the options to interfere anyway, it can run unix programs and I have never had problems finding the right software. My tip though: Buy the warranty extension. Although personally I’ve had only a couple charger faults and a hard drive failure in those 7 years, at times the hardware can still act up and some of my friends have had hardware issues. Less than with windows laptops, but it still happens. Doesn’t cost much and it gives a bit more ease of mind.

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