Day 283: Just Like Money

Photo of the Day

Yesterday we spent a portion of our day at Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party. After all of the pizza eating and watching the entertainment it was time to get down to business. These machines had tickets in them, and it was our job to relieve the machines of those tickets. When we were done with our labor we sat down at a table to rest a bit. I put some of the tickets on the table in a pile with the thought that it might be a good picture. On a day with very little time to get out and get some pictures this turned out to be a good one. By the way my prediction that this would get us a pencil and an eraser turned out to be somewhat true although we did get a couple of more items along with those two.

Technical Data

The biggest piece of technical data for this pictures is the fact that it was shot with my iPhone. I had both my dSLR and my iPad with me, but the iPhone was just much more handy to use. I took the picture with the Camera+ app that I rave about on here. After the picture was taken I hit the edit button within the app, and I applied the miniaturize effect to it. For some reason I just like how it makes the picture look. A quick save within the app, and my picture of the day is complete.

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