Day 271: A Yankee in the Pub

Photo of the Day

Tonight we ate at Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette. This was only my second time there, but I really like the food. What I like even more is the bar. As you can see by the picture they have nice rice wood everywhere. I really had about a million ideas for shots, but my shyness just had me shoot this one from our table. I really like how this shot turned out, and I want to shoot in this bar again. I guess that another meal is in order in the near future. I gave this post the title that I did because of what was on the TV in the background. Robinson Cano of the Yankees can clearly be seen, and it just seemed a bit out of place in this bar. I thought that it worked well though so I went with it.

Technical Data

This is a three shot HDR image. I have altered my technique here a bit since watching the eleven hour course by Trey Ratcliff. Instead of the six shots I used to take here I now just take three that encompass the same range. I just miss out on the data in between, but that really doesn’t seem to matter. The only time that it may matter is when I am in photoshop cleaning up some details. Today though I thought that everything worked out fine. I darkened up Cano on the television using the underexposed image, and fixed the actual patrons up a bit using the metered image. This was a quick edit for me, and I kind of like that feeling.

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