Day 251: A Surprise Flower

Picture of the Day

Today I worked a very long day, and was unsure what I could get a picture of. Thirteen hours after I left home I finally sat down and contemplated what to shoot. Zero clouds meant that the sunrise would be a bust. You can get some good pictures during that time, but you really have to work for them. I was just about getting the easy shot. That was when I spotted a flowering weed in the backyard that I had missed until now. A busy weekend away from home, and blind eyes yesterday are to blame for why I could miss this. It as a burst of color at the end of the day, and instantly became my subject for the photo of the day.

Technical Data

For the second day in a row I used my kit lens to get the picture of the day. I was so happy when I bought it that I never really thought that I would use anything else. Since that time I have picked up a couple of lenses that made me forget about it. It is a good lens though, and I should use it a bit more. I brought the shot into Photoshop and used the Photo Pop preset in Topaz Adjust 5 to give it a little extra something. That was the only post processing done to this picture. I probably didn’t need that, but I like the new program so I will use it way to much. I am going through the same phase that I did with Photomatix when I HDR’d everything even when it didn’t need it. What am I talking about? I still do that.

Other News

In other news my wide angle may be headed to the shop soon. Since day one I have noticed that the left side of my pics were a bit blurry. I just thought it was my error, but at Barry’s Camera Shop here in Lafayette they confirmed my suspicion. I would be without it for 2-3 weeks so I hung onto it for the weekend to get the shots that I couldn’t get without it. Hopefully Tamron will send me back a lens that will do what it should. I love the lens, but I can’t have that blurry 1/3.

I have posted some of the pictures from the wedding this weekend on my Facebook page. You can access the page by clicking the link at the bottom left hand corner of this page or by clicking here. I am still going through them all, but I found some that I really liked and wanted to share. Maybe in the near future I will have some more pics to share from other weddings.

2 Replies to “Day 251: A Surprise Flower”

  1. This is not a weed it is a “Blackeyed Susan” it is a flower that comes up everyyear at this time. The pink flower that you took also is a pink cornflower and that also comes up everyyear. Sooooo——-don’t pull the weeds!!!!!!!

    1. They have weed like stems so I call them weeds. I figured they had a name, but that is what moms are for is to help you out. I think it helped that you had the same name as one of them.

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