Day 249: Beer Please!

Photo of the Day

Today on our way home we stopped at Great Fermentations in Indy. That has become our place to get the supplies that we need to make the beer and wine that have made their way onto this blog so far. After getting a few things I wanted to go over to Bier Brewery to see if one of my favorite beers was still on tap. The first time that I visited the brewery last summer they had one called Belgian Golden Strong on tap. It packs a punch, but I really like it. I think that I have gotten a growler of it every time that it has been offered since. It usually seems to go quickly so I was lucky that they had some today for me.

Technical Data

Once again I tonemapped this image by putting three exposures into Photomatix. I did not use my tripod for fear of being too intrusive so I just simply put my camera on a table near the front and shot this. I ended up cropping it down a bit to get rid of the distractions and the unsightly IU banner that hangs from the ceiling. There is some minor ghosting, but once again time is of the essence, and catching up on all of these pictures seems like too big of a task. I still have a ton of pictures from yesterday’s wedding to go through. I think the ghosting is minor enough not to get in the way of the story.

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