A Dramatic Win

Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti on Carb Day

Tonight I did spend some time playing around with a trial program with a couple of pictures. I finished the 11 hour webinar that Trey Ratcliff had on his site. I picked up many useful tips for creating some beautiful pictures. Hopefully in California I can take a couple of pictures worthy of using all the tips on. One program that he used int eh video was Topaz Adjust 4. I have heard about the program a lot, but something about seeing it in action really lets it sink home. I wanted to try this thing out. Trey uses it to make faux HDR images to replace parts of his picture. I downloaded the demo for the newest version which is Topaz Adjust 5. Tonight I tried out some of the presets on some of the pictures, and I was happy with the results. I had a seat up high behind the fence on Carb Day, but I was very happy to get this shot of the eventual winner of the Indy 500 Dario Franchitti. I opened up Photoshop and started the Topaz Adjust plug-in to try it out. I used a couple of filters, but settled on the one named dramatic. It helped this image really pop. I used the program to edit a picture that had some ghosting due to 200 mph cars being shot in 3 frames. I really like the result, and that picture may end up on here on a later date. For now it is time to sleep so that I can make the early flight.

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