Day 202: Rain Delay Theater

Today after work I drove over to Lambert Field to see the Boilermakers take on Ball State. When I pulled up the game should have been going, but the tarp was on the field even though the rain was not coming down. While waiting for the game to start rain kept coming off and on, and the game was eventually cancelled. Just before it was called though I took this shot of several Boilermakers having some fun. Jake Hansen, Sean McHugh, and Angelo Cianfrocco were all trying out baseball in a little different way. They were playing catch with the opposite hand as catcher Kevin Plawecki was hitting them the ball. They were having a blast while at the same time waiting out the rain. For a team that is ranked in the top 10 in some polls they seem very loose. It will be fun to see them them win their first Big Ten Title since 1909. This weekend against Michigan State will go a long way in helping that dream become a reality. If they can close strong home field advantage at the beginning of the playoffs could help them get to Omaha.

I converted one RAW in Photomatix to get this shot, but something just looked a little off. I then put the picture into photoshop and converted it to black and white in order to get the shot that you see above. In the end I liked this picture better so on a day when I took very few pictures it becomes the photo of the day.

3 Replies to “Day 202: Rain Delay Theater”

  1. I love this picture. the b&w photo makes me feel like its lou and micky out there playing together. enjoyed the read. Cant say i know much about Big 10 college baseball but I am a big 10 fan. PSU always #1 in my heart but followed by them its anyone but OSU and Mich haha.

    1. Thanks. I have always been able to get to a couple Boiler games every year but this year I am so close that I can attend even more. What great timing moving down here!

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