Day 194: Time To Hit The Hay

Today was a very long day at work that left me with little time to get a picture. Actually I would have had more time, but as I usually do I waited until the last minute to file my taxes. I usually wait until the 15th, but they graciously gave me two extra days to file this year. After filling out the paperwork I realized that the sun would be setting soon. When I came home the clouds were perfect for a sunset, but in the short time that I was home they let me down. I had a vision of shooting part of my W-2 for the photo of the day when I saw this barn. With another shot in mind I knew that I could just go for it. I tried a shot from the car, and then saw this one that could be taken from the edge of the road. I am glad that I decided to try this shot because I really like it. I don’t say that often about my photography.

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