Day 134: The Writing is on the Wall

Today I was driving down a side street in Lafayette when I saw this graffiti on the back of a liquor store. Actually the entire rear of the building was covered, but for some reason I liked how this one looked the best. I don’t exactly know what it says so I may end up pulling the picture at some point. I think that it says versa, but on the scene I thought that it said jersey. I love how the paint pops off of the black background. It looks as if someone painted over graffiti originally. What the person who painted over it did though is create a great background for the new painting. Graffiti is really art even if illegal. I wanted to see if the HDR process would make it pop. It did. I may have to try to capture some more in the future. Part of what I liked about this picture is the fact that it was signed ACT. Someone is very excited about their college prep test apparently.


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