Patriot at the Super Bowl

Until Friday I had not even thought about the fact that my brothers dog Patriot shares a name with a Super Bowl team. He is Riot to me, and I don’t even think about his given name very often. That fact should have me rooting for the Patriots, but I am having a hard time picking a team. I loved how the Patriots came out as a team in 2001 and took out the cocky St. Louis Rams. Since then though they have become the trendy team to root for. One thing about me is that I always root for the underdog if my team is out. That should point me towards the Giants. They play in New York though, and any team from that town I have come to despise. I think that it is the fact that they always get so much publicity. In the end I think that I will root for the Giants because of Eli Manning. I will know though when the first toss up play occurs. Who I want to win will be very evident by then.

Just over two years ago I attended my first game at Lucas Oil Stadium. I had just read the book the Blind Side. That week the movie was also in theaters so I went to see it. I then realized that Michael Oher would be playing that weekend in the playoffs against Peyton Manning and the Colts. It was my first NFL Playoff game, and it was very fun to see. This past August I went down to Indy to see my Packers play the Colts in a pre-season game. The Packers looked terrible which was something that they would not do for a long time during the season. They should have lost the game, but pulled out a miracle finish to win. That was a great early present a couple of days before my birthday.

Over the last week I have been very proud watching how well Indianapolis has been praised for the way that they have prepared for this game. They did a great job with the city which I saw last weekend. I wish that I could be there watching the Pack win another Super Bowl, but instead I will sit back and watch the game from my home about an hour from the game. I hope that Indy gets another Super Bowl because they have really done a great job with it.

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