Day 117: Dam It’s Nice Outside!

Today I decided to do something that I did not think I would do this year. I took my bike out for a ride. The temperature was near 60 degrees so I would have been a fool not to. I rode my bike through the off road trails that I normally don’t do because of the ivy. Today I knew that it would not be around so I went down by the water to ride. The ride was actually challenging because it had a lot of deep mud. I must not be right in the head though because I actually had fun struggling through it. I had a great idea for this shot, but I ran out of land. I wanted to have the dam, the new bridge over the bog, and the Purdue water tower all prominent in the shot. I was partially in the water as it was to get this shot so I knew that I wouldn’t get the shot I wanted. It wasn’t quite warm enough to go wading in the water. I still like how the shot shows some of the great shots of nature that you can get in the celery bog area, but it also shows the progress that man is making in the area.

2 Replies to “Day 117: Dam It’s Nice Outside!”

  1. Found your blog while looking at mountain biking blogs. Nice to see a Indiana blogger who takes great pics. I spent the first 10 years of my life in W. Lafayette, IN (My dad is a Purdue Alum). Haven’t been back in years. Is it still super flat?!

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