Day 112 Part One: The Prairie Dog

Tonight it was getting late again, and I did not have a picture yet. It was a nasty day and night so shooting outside would have been very wet. I went over to my brothers to get a picture there. Of course there I have cute little dogs to shoot so I knew that even by chance I would get something good. This picture was by accident. I was shooting the puppy Riot when I heard the familiar grunt that meant that the other dog Mocha had moved up on two legs in what I call the prairie dog. She is very camera shy so when I turned to get her picture she started to go down. I turned and snapped, and this was the result. It is not the sharpest picture that I took today nor is it the best exposed, but I liked it.

In order to show no favoritism in case the dogs get on here to look at my pictures I decided to post a picture of each dog tonight. Mocha gets post number one, and Riot will get post number two.

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