Day 85 Bonus: A Long Way Down

Today while out on a photo safari I stumbled upon this waterfall in Williamsport, Indiana. I actually was really into trying to photograph some shops a couple of hundred feet away from this. I found the entrance as I was turning around to head back home. I knew that I wanted to photograph it, but was leery of how the falls would look in HDR. Of course a lot of people use long exposures to soften the water so I thought why not give it a try. I experimented trying three different techniques on this, and of course the first one is the one that worked. There is a trail that leads down so that you can see the falls up close, but the trail was closed. That normally would not have stopped me, but I would not have made it with the shoes I had on with the muddy trail. I guess I will have something to look forward to down the road. You can’t see everything the first time. I know you might be asking why the bonus shot without an actual shot today? The answer is that I knew I was using two shots today so I posted this one first. Look for the other shot shortly. I had a good day shooting today. At least for me. More of my shots can be found on my Flickr page with the link on the blogroll at the bottom of the page.


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