Day 21: A Dreary Day

Today was just miserable from square one. It rained all day, and didn’t really show any signs of stopping. I took a drive down some back roads trying to find a picture for today. Nothing looked good on camera with the terrible sky. Then I got the idea to shoot one using the bad clouds, and convert it to black and white later. I have seen some very cool pictures lately that are black and white, and thought that this was a great chance to try it out. I really don’t want to get into the habit of doing to much post production work on my pictures. I started this site to become a better photographer not a better artist with photoshop. I did alter the photo a bit after getting rid of the color to make some of the clouds and the silo to pop out a bit more. Overall I am happy with how it turned out. With some great clouds rolling in as I write this I think I may end up back out on the road to get a good sunset picture. Maybe today will be a first with two pictures on the site in one day. Also if you look closely you will see that I managed to get my favorite windmills in the shot as well. I love those things, and they will be on this blog a lot I imagine.

By the way today marks the end of the third week taking a picture every day. I have not come even close to getting tired of it so far. At the end of the next 49 weeks though that may happen. For now I am excited using my new camera and trying to see what I can get to come out of it.

Edit: I actually published this post without the photo. If you looked at it right away you had to wonder what was going on. What good is a photoblog without the photo?


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