2015 Purdue Baseball Seniors

A Look Back at Four Purdue Baseball Seniors

I was not able to be at senior day this year for Purdue baseball for the second year in a row. Last year I was covering the Big Ten Track and Field Championships, and this year I was in South Bend covering the NCAA Softball tournament. That does not mean that the four seniors shouldn’t get some love on this blog. Three of the four players graduating were members of the 2012 Purdue team that won the Big Ten regular season and tournament titles. I thought that I would talk about each senior and post a couple of pictures of each one as well. So here are the four players that played their last collegiate game last Saturday.

Brett Haan

Brett was the Sunday starter for most of this season. He transferred in to Purdue from junior college to play his last two seasons for the Boilers. Brett is a local kid who played three sports at Lafayette Central Catholic. He also helped the Knights win three straight state titles while he was there. Brett could come out of the bullpen, or hold down a weekend starter spot.

Matt Gibbs delivers a pitch during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015

 Matt Gibbs

Matt is a player that was hard to me to figure out how to shoot at firsts. He looks like you would photograph him the conventional way, but something just never looked right. In the end I found a couple of angles that gave his motion a good look. Matt was a dependable arm coming out of the pen for Purdue. Both Matt and fellow senior Joe Eichmann logged a lot of innings out of the pen for Purdue. That is something that the team will miss next season.  Continue reading

Top Ten Photos From the NCAA Softball Tournament – Notre Dame Regional

Looking Back at My Work at the Notre Dame Regional

Last weekend I spent three days covering the NCAA Softball Tournament in South Bend. It was a fun three days. I was working for the University of Kentucky during the weekend. I love covering events like this because the emotion is cranked up a few notches. It is easy to make great photos when the stakes are so high. The players do all the work, and you just have to capture them. Here are ten photos that I liked from my three days in South Bend.

10. This was a moment that I just had to capture. I saw Notre Dame player Dana Bouquet wearing an interesting hat, and I knew that I had a picture. I was not working the game, but rather looking for moments. This was a moment for sure. I don’t know if it is an NCAA Tournament thing, but some of the hats I saw over the three days was pretty cool.

9. This was a photo that is not possible from anywhere but the outfield. At Notre Dame they had two locations to shoot from in the outfield. I made a couple of nice celebration photos out there, but on the second day Kentucky pinch runner Darington Richardson stole second base. Her head first slide was amazing, and I was glad I was out there to capture it. I only went out there for a half inning a game, but I was lucky enough to make some nice photos each time that I was out there.

8. On the first day of the tournament I had already made my photos for Kentucky. While I was waiting for them to transmit I went down to shoot the first couple innings of the Notre Dame game against Ball State. Ball State started the game off with a home run by Selena Reyna. It was an amazing moment for the Cardinals who greeted their hero at home plate. I love the girl on the end pointing to the air. There are many things that make this a cool photo in my mind. Continue reading

Dressed to the Nines | Senior Portraits

A Quick and Worthwhile Photo Shoot

Saturday was a busy day for me. It started off with the barn photoshoot from yesterday’s post. I then shot my NCAA softball game for Kentucky at Notre Dame. On the way home I set up a pretty cool senior photoshoot in my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. We did not have much time to get it in, but we set up a few shots that would make the best use of our time. Matt was a great subject. He had caught both games of a doubleheader prior to coming to the shoot. When he got out of his truck his knee was on ice. If you read this blog you know that I love to photograph catchers. They are the unique element in the game that I love. They are the only defensive player that stands in foul ground during the pitch. They are a unique breed that pays a price to play the game. We made a few pictures in a casual outfit, and then Matt put on his tux. See after the photoshoot Matt had to attend prom. We took some more formal shots of Matt, and then we added some props to have some fun. While having fun with his baseball bat I came up with the idea that you see above. I liked the look, but I didn’t know exactly why.  Continue reading

A Fulton County Round Barn

A Round Barn Can Cause a Detour

This past weekend while driving up to South Bend for the NCAA Softball Regional I noticed a round barn on the side of the road. Of course with plenty of time on my side I turned into the parking lot to see the barn. They were doing some work on the buildings all around the barn so there were trucks and equipment all over. I found an angle that let me shoot the barn, but hide most of the distracting elements from the camera. I used the small shed for that purpose. In the end I like this photo. It also provided me with a nice distraction on the road. A chance to make a photo before the fast game games on the softball diamond.

Making An HDR Image in Lightroom

This image was a three shot HDR image processed entirely inside of Lightroom. I have seen a lot of negative feedback on the HDR function because of its lack of sliders. How can these people miss the fact that when you hit merge you are taken to the develop module in Lightroom with all of the powerful sliders there, and a 32 bit file to work with? It is a great way to make realistic HDR images.

A Good Day

A good day for me is one where I make some photos that I really like. This was the first photo that I made on the day. I then had some fun shooting softball. That would be a good day with just the two events. That night though I made some senior portraits that I really liked. All in all it was a long day, but one where I felt that I made a lot of good images.

NCAA Softball: Kentucky Wildcats vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Kentucky Scores Late to Win the Notre Dame Regional

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the Kentucky Wildcat softball team again. On championship Sunday all they had to do was beat Notre Dame once to advance. Notre Dame on the other hand had to win twice to move on. Both teams held the lead in a back and forth game. Notre Dame appeared to ice things in the sixth inning, but Kentucky made an improbable comeback with two outs in the seventh to take the lead for good. This was a great softball game to watch in person. It was even more fun to capture with my camera.

Sagermann Does It Again

Nikki Sagermann once again hit a big home run to tie the game. Once again I was out in the outfield when she hit the home run. I really got lucky both times to capture this moment from the position that I was in. As she came to bat I noticed the wind picked up, and I thought that it would be nice if she hit one again. Sure enough she smoked a ball just to my left that knotted the game at two.

A Competitive Game of Pepper

Before every game the team would play a game of pepper. It was a great way to spend some of the downtime before the game, and you could see how competitive this team is. They had some great moments, but none were better than the huddle to decide who has the ball. They would break the huddle, and all perform a throwing motion at once. Of course only one player had the ball, but it was great to see the team so loose. They would need that in the tough moments of each game. Continue reading

NCAA Softball Photo Gallery: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Northwestern Wildcats

Photos From the NCAA Tournament Game

Friday I only stayed for one inning of Notre Dame’s game. Yesterday I only stayed for a half inning. It was a long half inning though, and I made a few photos that I liked. You can view them below.

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NCAA Softball: Kentucky Wildcats vs. Ball State Cardinals

Kentucky Wins to Advance to Championship Sunday

Yesterday I was back at Melissa Cook Stadium to cover Kentucky for the second day in a row. They were in the winners bracket, and simply had to win to advance to Sunday. A loss would mean a twilight game that would be do or die. Luckily the Wildcat bats were ready, and they handled Ball State. It has been a pleasure to cover Kentucky over the last couple of days. The players, coaches, and everyone associated with the team has been great. They are a great bunch of women, and I hope that they can continue playing well into this tournament. They have just Notre Dame standing in their way right now. The scenario tomorrow is easy. Any Kentucky win will send them to the next round. Notre Dame must beat the Wildcats twice to advance. Notre Dame played very well today getting the two wins needed to keep playing. I think that tomorrow will be an interesting and emotionally charged day.

Bonus Photos

I have a gallery up on the Kentucky website here. I also have included a couple of photos below that I liked from the day.

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NCAA Softball: Notre Dame vs. Ball State

Ball State Wins to Advance to the Winner’s Bracket

As my photos from my game were uploading I went down to shoot the first inning of the Ball State and Notre Dame softball game which was the second game of the day at the pod I was at. I actually had planned to shoot a couple of innings, but the one inning I saw was exciting enough to give me the photos that I was looking for. Ball State ended up winning the game 6-3 to face Kentucky which should have already occurred.

Bonus Photos

As I said I only shot one inning, but during that inning I made some photos that I really liked. Below are a few photos that I liked.

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NCAA Softball: Kentucky Wildcats vs. Northwestern Wildcats

Kentucky Wins Game One To Advance to the Winners Bracket

This weekend I am in South Bend, Indiana covering the NCAA softball tournament for the Kentucky Wildcats. They have been great to work with, and they have provided me with plenty of opportunities for some interesting photos. As with any tournament game they were very excited with every run, and I tried to capture that. They had a 2-0 lead only to end up down 4-2. Junior Nikki Sagermann hit a two run home run in the fifth inning to tie the game up. In the bottom of the sixth the Wildcats took the lead when Rachael Metzger hit a single to score the winning run. Metzger is a true freshman, and it was her first NCAA at bat. Not a bad start for her. Kentucky survived a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the inning to advance in the winners bracket to face the Ball State at noon today.

Bonus Photos

As usual here are a few extra photos from the day that I liked. The full gallery can be found on Kentucky’s website here .

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NCAA Baseball: Purdue Boilermakers vs. Penn State Nittany Lions

The Purdue Baseball Team Wins Their 4th Straight Game

Last night I went out to Alexander Field one last time this season to see the Purdue Boilermakers play. This team is hot right now, and it is fun to watch them going when they have the bat moving. This is senior weekend, and I always like to go out and photograph the seniors one last time. I will be in South Bend the next couple of days so the early start to the weekend series worked just fine for me. Purdue jumped out to an early lead, and they never looked back.

Kyle Johnson makes a diving catch in centerfield during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015

Have a Day Mr. Johnson

Kyle Johnson seemed to be a highlight reel early in the game. He hit a stand up triple, and later scored the games first run in the first inning. Then to top it off he made a great diving catch to rob a hit in the fourth inning. Kyle seems to be favoring a leg out there as well so the speed and power shown on the two plays is even more impressive. Last season I made a photo of Kyle making a Willie Mays style over the shoulder catch. He really does patrol the outfield in a way that is very photogenic.

Jack Anderson delivers a pitch during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015

The Land Down Under

As you photograph a lot of baseball games you start to take things for granted. If you follow my photography you know that I love to try and find the best portion of a pitchers form to highlight. After a while all of the pitchers start to look very similar. Then a pitcher like Jack Anderson comes along with a complete submarine motion. I decided to try a couple of angles on Jack to try and highlight this unique motion. It really was fun photographing him, and I was not happy when he only pitched one inning. I did have some fun with his motion though in the short time he was out there.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few extra photos that I liked from the game. You can always click on a photo to see it larger on my website, or click here to see the full gallery from the game. I tried to make some photos that looked different from what I had already made this season. I think that this gallery reflects that.

Purdue baseball coach Doug Schreiber spends a moment in the dugout during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015
Cody Strong slides safetly into second base on a steal attempt during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015 Continue reading