Getting Ready For Halloween

Having Fun at the ZooBoo

Saturday I spent a good portion of the day out photographing sports. Sunday was a day to spend with the family. I did not edit an image or even post ahead a day on this blog like I normally like to do. We spent the day out enjoying some of the fun of fall. To start off we went to Indy to enjoy the ZooBoo. This has become a yearly tradition that is great fun. This year we had another girl walking around at the zoo which was very cool. My one takeaway from the zoo is that I think every girl this Halloween will be dressed as Elsa from Frozen. After the zoo we explored Exploration Acres just west of town. We had a long but fun day enjoying the last few days of the good weather. This is a great time of year to get out and enjoy yourself.

Acting Like a Squirrel

My wife has been having a little fun with me as I put away pictures for the winter. This is a crazy endeavor posting a photo a day. When the weather turns in the winter I don’t get out as much as I would like to make new images. I have been going out to make a few images a day in order to prepare for the winter. With sports thrown in the mix it really does not have to be many, but it is nice to know that you are not back to going day to day looking for images. The days of the photo 365 project cured me of that.

#22 Ohio State Volleyball Takes #14 Purdue Five Sets

Shooting Volleyball For Ohio State

Part of the interesting thing of this season is the fact that I have shot for so many of the opponents. There is something about shooting a sporting event that gets the adrenaline going. When you are paid to do it you get the adrenaline going even more. You have to make the photos, and that is something that you don’t get any other way. Last night I shot the volleyball game for Ohio State against Purdue. Early on I thought that it was going to be a quick night. Purdue jumped out to a 2-0 lead at the break that I thought was leading to a sweep. Most teams fold up under that kind of pressure. Ohio State did not though. They fought back winning the first two sets after the intermission to force a 5th set. Those extra sets were great because of the emotion that Ohio State was playing with. I made some great pictures of some jube that I will be able to use.

Finding A New Location

One thing about this season is that it started to feel like I was making the same photos. I ran into this during the baseball season. You just have to try and find something new to spice things up a bit. I normally jump up high on either end of the court to get the over the net stuff, but also to keep everything on the same plane of focus. Last night I decided to crawl up into the TV platform right on the net to try it out. I liked the angle, but with a packed house someone has to move so that you can climb up. You can get trapped up there pretty easily I would guess. It was a new perspective that I would try again. The photo above was made from that location.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of extra shots that I liked from the game. I will update this post with a link to the gallery on when the photo gallery is up. Edit: A small gallery can be found here.

The Indiana Intercollegiates

Shooting Swimming For the First Time This Season

It has come to that time of the season where the winter sports are starting to coincide with the fall sports. The weather feels like it should be happening, and it is. I spent most of the morning today shooting the large swim meet at the aquatic center on campus. I don’t shoot swimming very often, but I have a few things that I look for every meet. Swimming is another sport that I really had never been around until last season. I don’t get many opportunities to shoot it, but I try and make the most out of all of them. I walked away from the meet today very happy with my results. Of course now that I have gotten used to swimming I have a volleyball shoot tonight.

A Lucky Accident

During the 500m races I usually play the shutter speed game. I keep going down and down until I can’t get a usable image anymore. I had some fun with that again today, and then did a quick pivot to shoot a diver coming off the board. Of course I didn’t change my settings, and I was way too slow for anything good. Unless you look at the left eye. That is the only thing really in focus, and it just shows you the weird pivot that he was on.

Bonus Photos

As usual here are a few other shots from the meet that I liked. I also have a couple of galleries up on here.

At The Pumpkin Patch

Having Fun at Kent’s Cucurbits

Yesterday I spent the morning with my step daughter at Kent’s Cucurbits just outside of Brookston, Indiana. After a couple of days of rain we had great weather to explore this farm. We had a great time seeing all of the pumpkins and squash of various sizes. When I first saw the farm I noticed this barn. I am guessing the lift is for the straw, but I liked the pumpkins outside of the barn. You know how I like a good barn. The sky was a little gray for me, but I still think it is a nice photo. It is one that will remind me of a fun day anyway.

Using the Canon Powershot G16

This was another shot that I made with my Canon G16. This really is a great camera to take with you if you want to cut down on the weight. My normal dSLR setup weighs about as much as my daughter. The G16 fits nicely in my pocket, and produces good results. This was a jpeg that the camera gave me. I am normally a guy who shoots in RAW, but here the jpeg did just fine. I made some small adjustments in Lightroom 5, but not too many.

The Calm Before the Storm

Trying to Capture a Little of the Fall

Yesterday was a day to make some photos. During the day I went out with my daughter to see how far the leaves have come. They really have come a long way in a short period of time. It won’t be long before they are off the trees now. At night I went to campus to shoot some portraits with the university as the backdrop. I was not looking to make a photo like this when I set out, but when I saw it I had to give it a try. The storm clouds were rolling in, and a lot of the leaves on this lake were turning. I have photographed this small lake a few times, but none since my photo 365 project ended. I come from a city with many lakes. The lack of public lakes here in town make it hard on me. I will have to go out of my way to find some more water shots before the leaves are gone. I like the idea of this shot, but I could use a little more color in it.

A Harvest Barn

Another Familiar Barn

Here is another barn that I look for every time that I am driving west on 52 out of Lafayette. It is hidden back a bit off of the road, but if you know where to look it is not hard to find. I love the look of the barn, and with the corn up around it I thought that I could make a little different picture than I am used to. For some reason this photo reminds me of an old time photo. I have not loaded my presets back into Lightroom on purpose to make me pay attention to all of the details myself. With this one I had some fun moving the sliders around on my own to get the exact look that I wanted. In the end I like the final result.

Using the Barn to My Advantage

I have had this post written for a while now. It has been getting pushed back by sports and other more timely photos. Since I wrote it though I have been back to this barn. I was shooting few senior pictures out on the farm when I realized how close we were to this barn. One phone call, and we had permission to shoot in here. I made some great pictures, and I was able to see this awesome barn up close. One of my favorite photos of the shoot came inside the grain portion of the barn with some beautiful light steaming in. It is funny how things turn out sometimes.

Using the Slow Motion Feature on the iPhone 6

Slow Motion Can Be Dangerous

I say that slow motion can be dangerous because it is easy to over do it. I finally received my iPhone 6 last week, and I started playing with it a bit. I saw a slow motion function in the camera app so I decided to give it a try. Even in the low light inside the house it was amazing. My step daughter kept giving me things to try it out on. I wanted more though. Saturday while at the Purdue Football game I brought my phone out a few times. When the team came out to start the game I did not even have my cameras with me. I felt kind of weird just shooting with an iPhone, but when you are playing what else can you do? As you can see above the idea is a great one, but it can get old quickly. I am sure that I will use the slow motion feature for a month or two, and then it will be just a feature on the phone. For that month though I will have way too much fun.

What Makes Slow Motion So Interesting?

I will have more on the iPhone 6 in the future. For now though I thought that I would break out a couple of sections that I thought were interesting. I don’t shoot a lot of video. I like capturing a moment in time with my still camera. This slow motion feature has made me re-think that a bit. The camera is capturing 240 frames per second. Think about that. I want to buy the 7D Mark II because it will shoot sports at 10 frames per second. Can you imagine how much you can see when 240 frames per second is slowed down? It makes the mundane interesting from what I found. As I play around with this a bit more I hope to put up a couple more videos that are not so long. This has the potential to be very fun.

Purdue Soccer vs. Michigan State

Michigan State Wins 2-0 to Sweep Purdue on the Day

As the football game was winding down Saturday I left to head to the Boilermaker Soccer Complex to shoot the game there. I really had one goal in mind, and that was to make a multi exposure of the flip throw of Christa Szalach. I think that it would be a great way to show just how great the throw in is. One frame really does not do it justice. A weird traffic pattern that seemed to switch left me with a 50 minute drive to the stadium in a huge circle. I missed nearly the entire first half, and my shot at the throw in. I did make some photos though, although I really was not shooting all that much. I just shot what my 70-200mm could reach.

Bonus Photos

After the jump I posted a few more photos from the match Saturday night. Continue reading

The Purdue Baseball Fall Series Kicks Off

Photographing Baseball Again

It was great to get out and photograph baseball yesterday. Since Wednesday I have photographed College Softball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, and Baseball. This time of the year is great because there are sports everywhere to photograph. My two favorites are baseball and football, although there are a lot right behind those two. As I am introduced to these new sports I see the beauty in them. Baseball is great though as it is a sport that allows you time to think and plan out your shot. You can think through the scenarios to decide where you want to point your camera. Sometimes you are right, and you are rewarded. The next two days Purdue plays again, and then they finish the series on Friday and Saturday. I don’t know how many more games I will be able to make it out to, but I will try to get out again.

Bonus Photos

As per usual with my sports work I have included a few extra photos from the day. A full gallery can be found on Continue reading

Purdue Comes Up Just Short Against #8 Michigan State

A Great Effort By The Boilers

Wednesday afternoon while driving to the Purdue Softball Complex I saw the Boiler Football team out practicing. For some reason I had this strange feeling that the team was going to win. That feeling led me to tell anyone that I came in contact with on Saturday morning that I would see them on the field after the game. I even went so far as to plan where to put my things when the field was stormed. It was not meant to be though as #8 Michigan State won, and keeps their chances alive for the playoff. This is an exciting Purdue team, and they gave the fans a lot to cheer about Saturday. Now they have to go up to Minnesota and win there.

Bonus Photos

After the jump I have placedĀ a few more photos from pre game and the game that I liked. Continue reading