Sunset at the Purdue Soccer Stadium

When the Light Is Just Right

This past fall I was playing around at a Purdue soccer game when the light started to turn very good. I stopped photographing the game to capture the beautiful sky along with the stadium. I had an idea to incorporate some of the signage of the stadium in the photo. I was hoping for a much nicer sky, but this turned out just fine. Purdue really has done a great job of upgrading their olympic sports facilities. All of the stadiums in the new sports complex are amazing. They really give you something to look at other than the game at times.

Finding a Gem In Your Archive

I had a photo that I really liked from the game action that day that I ran the following day on the blog. I had planned on using this image later in the week, but sometimes things happen where the photo gets lost in the shuffle. While going through some of my stadium shots I found this photo again, and I decided to finally post it.

Some Great News

Last year I worked with the Indianapolis Indians near the end of the season a little bit. The relationship was a good one, and we both benefited from it. I only shot four games, but I felt at home during that time. Everyone was super nice to me, and I made some nice photos during that time. One of those photos was chosen as the MiLB photo of the year. This year I will be shooting for the club from the first game of the season on. I am really looking forward to the season, and all of the great opportunities that a season will provide. I am sure that you will see too many photos from the Indy Indians games on this blog over the course of the year.

Down the Channel

Spending Time In Ocean Pines, Maryland

This might have been our last year staying in Ocean Pines, Maryland at our usual house.

The Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field

Shooting For the Indianapolis Indians

Wednesday I spent part of my day in Indianapolis talking to the Indians about shooting more games for them this upcoming season. Last year I shot a game in August and then three more when the post season came around in September. This year I will shoot many more games throughout the season at Victory Field. Last year the players and staff were very good to me when they really didn’t know who I was. I look forward to shooting over the course of a season and getting to know the tendencies of the players. This could be a fun summer. Last season I shot for the Kokomo Jackrabbits, and this year the same ownership opened a club up in Lafayette. There will be no shortage of baseball to cover, and that is a great thing.

Seeing the Stars of the Future Today

Part of the fun of shooting games in the minors is getting a glimpse into the future. The photo at the top of the post is of Francisco Liriano who was rehabbing his way back to the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was playing alongside Josh Harrison who was still working his way up. By the next season Josh would be a Major League All Star. It is fun to see just how quickly things can change at this level. This year the Indians have some prospects that will not be long in Indy. Josh Bell and Tyler Glasnow are two that are just waiting for their moment.

Shooting With Victory Field as a Backdrop

One huge upside to shooting the Indians is the fact that they play in Victory Field. It is a beautiful stadium that is a great backdrop for your images. While preparing for my meeting I went through some of my photos from inside of the park over the years. Until last year I shot with not access to the field. I had to make do with what I had. The fun thing is that I made both of the photos in this post in 2013 from the stands. It is a gorgeous place to play baseball, and the shooting positions are numerous. I am sure that I will have them all worn out by the end of the season though. Until then warm thoughts, and baseball dreams.

Purdue Women’s Basketball vs. Maryland

Purdue Squares Off Against #5 Maryland

Last night Purdue took on one of the top teams in the county in Mackey Arena. At one point near the half you thought that Purdue was out of the game, and then just like that they fight their way right back in it. They put a scare in Maryland, but just ran out of gas at the end. It was still a fun game to shoot for a few reasons. One of them was the fantastic hair that Maryland guard Brene Moseley has. If you caught it at just the right time as it bounced around you had a cool photo. The photo above was my favorite of the night. Sometimes you look for little things within the game to have fun with. Her hair was one of those things last night.

A Night to Tip Your Cap To

Shatori Walker-Kimbrough had a night to remember last night. She scored 41 points for Maryland and in the process set an new opponent points record in Mackey Arena. It was one of those nights where she was just on fire. If she shot the ball it was probably going in. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and move on. Purdue was still in position to win the game despite the night by SWK.

Bonus Photos From the Game

I thought that I would post a couple of bonus photos from the game today. I have to have at least one pro Purdue photo on the blog from the game after all. I will probably have a few other photos in my photos of the week Exposure page next Monday as well.

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Getting Ready For The Super Bowl

Indianapolis Looking Great For the Super Bowl in 2012

Every year as the Super Bowl draws closer I think back to 2012 when Indiana was buzzing over hosting the Super Bowl. I thought that Indy did a great job hosting the event. I am pretty sure that the committee did as well so hopefully we see the Super Bowl back in Indiana sooner rather then later. I went down to Indy the Saturday before the big game to see all of the things that were in place for the big game. I made one of my first big successful photos down there during that time. You can read about that photo here. I was still in the early stages of my photo 365 project so I was looking for anything to help me get through that winter.  A photo rich environment in Indy that day helped out a lot. I thought that I would post one of my images that I have not posted before today with the Super Bowl so close again.

Re-Visiting Old Photos

I don’t like to re-do photos that I have already posted and processed. Sometimes it has to be done as my early HDR attempts were terrible. This photo though was really never touched by me. At the time the HDR process I was doing left too much of a halo for my taste so I left it sitting in a folder on my Drobo. I decided to give it a go again processing to see what I could come up with. I ran three photos through Aurora HDR Pro to see what they would do, and then I processed a single RAW file in Lightroom. The single photo from Lightroom looked much better to meet without as much noise in it. The HDR software seemed to really amp up the noise in a weird way. I liked the look of the photo so you get to see it today.

Purdue Wrestling vs. Ohio State

Purdue Loses a Tough Match Against Ohio State

Yesterday I went down to Holloway Gymnasium to photograph some wrestling. As the year has gone by looking through the work that Charles Jischke has done for Purdue has inspired me to shoot wrestling again. I picked a great day to attend as Purdue took #9 Ohio State to the last match. The day was full of upsets and near misses. It could have been a historic day if not for a couple of lost points. No matter what though the wrestlers brought the action, and all that I had to do was to capture it. The highlight for me of the day had to be Luke Welch upsetting the #8 wrestler in the country. It was a good win, but it was also Luke’s birthday. He was pumped after the match, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment. It is moments like this that I live for. Lucky for me he was facing the right direction when he chose to celebrate.

Photographing Wrestling

Saturday I photographed hockey which a lot of people consider one of the hardest sports to photograph. I don’t mind hockey. I really think that wrestling might be one of the hardest sports to photograph. It is not easy to get the peak moment shots that I look for. There are long periods of struggle followed by a flourish of moves. You have to constantly be ready to push your shutter to capture that action. It is a lot like baseball, but without the cue as to when the action will happen. Yesterday I really did not worry about my backgrounds or moving to a new position. My goal for the day was to just capture the action. Learning a new sport is never easy so I tried to slow it down a little by staying put and just watching the action form one position. What I found yesterday was that this is a fun sport to photograph, and I have a few ideas for some things to try the next time I am next to the mat.

Closing Out the Month of January

January was a good month for me. I started off the year strong making some photos that I really like. Looking back at where I was a year ago at this time I think that I have moved forward by leaps and bounds in almost every respect as a photographer. All you can do is to keep improving, and I am doing that. This month I have made some photos that I think that you will see again at the end of the year in my ‘best of’ posts. If this month is any indication of the year ahead I am in for a fun ride. January is usually my slow month, but it has been full of images for me. This meet was a great way to close out a fun month. On to February!

More Photos From the Match

I have been putting together an Exposure page of some of my favorite images of the week. I have put a few photos that I liked from yesterday into the page for last week that you can find here. It was a fun week with some new locations for a change. I will also include a few images below that I liked from the match. You can find my full gallery on my website here.

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Purdue Hockey vs. Notre Dame

Purdue Hockey Plays Notre Dame on Senior Day

Yesterday I was down in Fishers again to see the Purdue Hockey club play at the Indy Fuel Tank. I really enjoy photographing hockey, and watching the Boilers play again was a treat. I had meant to photograph both games this weekend, but a flu bug kept me out of the game Friday night. I still was not feeling 100%, but I was not going to miss senior day. Actually due to circumstances out of my control I did miss the senior ceremony before the game. I did make it to most of the game though to make some photos. This was a hard fought game for Purdue where they just did not get some of the bounces. They kept fighting though until the end. Purdue now travels to Grand Valley State next weekend for a weekend series with the Lakers.

More Photos From the Game

I created an Exposure page for the game again that you can find here. I also have a gallery of images that you can right click save here. Covering the Boilers has been fun this season. Once again I did not get to make as many games as I would have liked, but that kind of comes with the territory. I will get to see the Boilers skate again in the ICHC Crossroads Tournament in a couple of weeks. Last year they took home the title, and gave me some memorable photos. Hopefully they can do that again this season.

Walt Surveys His Kingdom

Walt Disney and Mickey Look Out Over His Kingdom

While at Disney you really marvel at what was accomplished there. Swampland turned into one of the biggest moneymakers around. Walt never really saw what he imagined come to life in Florida. I am sure that the would be pleased if he could see what his idea has become. I liked this shot of Mickey and Walt seemingly looking over the crowd. This is one of the most popular photo spots in the Magic Kingdom because of the view behind Walt and Mickey of the castle. I decided to take a look back the other way. In the end I like the different take on a popular photo.

West Lafayette Girls Basketball Senior Night

West Lafayette Defeats Harrison on Senior Night

Last night I photographed my first high school game of the year. Things just have not worked out for me to get to the West Side Gym yet this year. Since I moved to town the Red Devils have kind of been my adopted high school. I wanted to try out a couple of things so why not head to senior night to do it? I made some standard photos of the senior festivities and the game itself, but then I went on my mission.

The Wonderful World of Panning

I have seen some wonderful sports panning shots lately, and I wanted to try a little. I have not had a good chance to do it so I decided that West Side would be as good of a place as any to try it. In basketball you really have a lot going against you when you slow the shutter speed down. If the players would travel in a linear path it would make things easier, but they do not. They move from side to side and up and down as well. You really have to have the proper technique, and then get lucky that the action is moving the way that you want it to. Above I posted one photo that I liked. You can really see the motion by the athletes here.

Bonus Photos From the Night

I have placed a small gallery up on my website from the game last night. You can find it here.

Indiana State vs. Missouri State

Indiana State Uses Strong Second Half To Defeat Missouri State

Last night I was in Terre Haute to photograph the Indiana State and Missouri State game. This was my first time shooting in the Hulman Center. It was a great arena that I will have more on in another post. Today I will focus on the Indiana State game against Missouri State. For most of the first half it looked like Missouri State was the better team. Indiana State came out firing in the second half, and pulled away with the 68-59 victory. Rebounding was the key for Indiana State as they pulled down an impressive 51 boards during the game.

Devonte Brown Scores 1,000 Points

During the first half of the game Sycamore senior Devonte Brown scored his 1,000th career point. During the second half I made it a point to make a few images of Brown for the school. What I ended up with during that time of focus was some of the best images of the game for me. The reigning MVC player of the week plays the game hard, and that translated very well to my images. Devonte is a fun player to photograph, and I would love to do so again.

Watching Paul Lusk Again

This was the first time that I have seen Paul Lusk since he left Purdue to replace Cuonzo Martin at Missouri State. I wondered what kind of a coach he would be on the sidelines, and he turned out to be very energetic. I did not have to focus on him long to get an interesting picture.

Seeing Double

During the pregame introductions I did a double take when I saw Brenton Scott on the Indiana State bench. I enjoyed photographing his brother Bryson Scott when he played at Purdue. Bryson was a slasher that always seemed to make a move that looked good on camera. From what I saw last night Brenton has the same game, and he gave me some great photos during the course of the night. Seeing Brenton play reminded me that I need to catch an IPFW game to see Bryson play again. Continue reading