Fall Comes To The Campus Of Purdue University Part I

A Great Walk On A Beautiful Fall Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Each weekday morning I get about three hours of time to myself. I usually spend that doing some form of paperwork for the business or setting up new jobs. For the last two days I have spent that time walking the campus of Purdue University. This blog will cover a lot of what I saw on Monday while walking around campus. The colors really are at peak right now so it has been fun walking around trying to find some great scenes. For the photo above I sat on a bench and just waiting for something interesting to come into my frame. I knew that I had a cool photo, but I wanted a student to complete the photo. These little scenes can be an exercise in patience, but sometimes that it what it takes.

The Photo That Started It All

On Sunday I was leaving the basketball game and heading to my car when I noticed that the trees near Ross-Ade Stadium were on fire. The sky was not the best, but I went and tried to make a picture. It was this picture that gave me the idea to try and make some interesting photos with the leaves.

The Start To a Great Walk

The next morning I was just going to sit and catch up on The Walking Dead when my friend Trevor Mahlmann sent me a text. I didn’t need a big push and I was out the door. I started my photowalk at the same place that I tried the day before. The beautiful blue sky was a much better background than the grey one the day before. From that point on I knew that it would be a fun morning.

They Don’t Always Pan Out

My trip started with the shot above. I worked on it for a long time to get a composition that I liked. I was obsessed with the starburst in the sky, and the little starburst right in front of me. Sometimes you can work a photo to death and it still doesn’t work for one reason or another. I was on campus for the fall color, but the color here just didn’t work. Black and white was the only option, and even that couldn’t save it. Looking at the photo at home I came up with a great idea to focus on the starburst in front of me and the trees behind it, but I just didn’t see that on the scene.

Finding the Color

Part of the fun of the photowalk is finding the patches of color. The photo above is an obvious choice, but the little moments that we were able to capture were fun as well. This is a great time of year, but it also means that the trees will be ugly for a few months. I will be rooting for snow to give a little color in no time.


Ben Folds, Paper Airplanes, and the Murat Theatre

Ben Folds Visits Indianapolis

Saturday we were in Indianapolis to see Ben Folds play live. Ben’s music will sometimes accompany my edits as they are great songs to sit back and chill out to. When I saw he was coming to Indianapolis I was excited. When my football game that I was supposed to cover was no longer a paying gig I decided to treat myself and my wife to the show. It was a fun night out on the town, and a great way to blow off some steam. The Ben Folds crowd is a musical one for sure. At one point I thought he paid a choir to help him sing. I realized that it was just the crowd behind me signing. Well done everyone! I obtained from singing as to allow everyone to enjoy the show.

Checking Out The Soundcheck

Part of the ticket plan was a chance to watch the soundcheck live. This was a cool experience, and a chance to see Ben in a more intimate setting. It was just a few people watching, and we were able to get up close to see him in action. Some of the stories that he told made that short experience a fun one worth seeing just by itself.

Paper Airplanes Spell Out Our Night

The second half of the show was a fun exercise as the songs were chosen by Ben when he picked up paper airplanes that the audience threw up onto the stage. It was fun to see how he reacted to a song, and how quickly the audience recognized it. This was a great idea to take a huge catalog and allow the fans to pick your set for you.

Taking In Some Art

Part of refreshing the batteries for me includes getting inspired. I always try and visit new art museums to expose myself to as much art as I can. Music is another great way to express yourself. Seeing a great artist like Ben is inspiring itself, and it makes me want to keep going. His music is one that I play while editing so it was nice to just sit back and watch him for a while.

Falling For Tall Heights

The opening act of the night was a band named Tall Heights. Listening to them I had the thought that they won’t be opening for others for very long. They were fantastic. I will be watching them to see where they end up next. It seems like it would be hard to keep this kind of a talent down for long.

Bringing the Canon G16 Out Of Retirement

I did not make many photos during the show. I didn’t even try during the opening act. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy it. When the light was right though I did make some photos of Ben Folds doing his thing. I brought my trusty Canon G16 to the show knowing that I would be able to get it into the theatre, and that it would do alright in the low light. I still found myself wanting better gear, but if I had that I would have just shot the show instead of enjoying it.

The Week In Photos

This concert and the trip to Indy is a part of this weeks collection of my favorite photos. I have done this for almost 100 weeks now, and it is still fun to put together. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week here.

Purdue Women’s Basketball Opens Their Home Season

Getting Ready For the 2017-2018 Season

Sunday afternoon I just got home from Indy when I decided to head to Mackey Arena to see the Purdue Boilermakers play their lone exhibition against St. Francis. When I moved back from Iowa in 2005 I bought season tickets to Purdue women’s basketball just for the John Purdue Club points. I quickly fell in love with the style of play, and I then rarely missed a game. For some reason the last couple of years I have had many conflicts on the days that they play so I have not seen much of the team. In fact I was surprised by all of the faces that I did not recognize when they came onto the floor. I need to make it to more games this year so that I can get to know this team.

The Band Takes the Floor

One of the best parts of the Purdue women’s basketball gameday is how into the game the Gold and Black Sound (GABS) is. I used to get to the games early just to watch their pregame stretch. It is fun, and they keep the fun going for the entire game. I made this photo just as the tuba section was about to take the court prior to the game.

The Week In Photos

My weekly collection of my favorite photos actually started because of Purdue women’s basketball. I would make an Exposure page after a game, but only a handful of people would take a look at it. It was a lot of work with very little payoff. I still wanted to show off some of the images so the week in photos was born. Once again they make it in as I near the 100th iteration of it. You can see my favorite photos from last week here. This coming week will have a few sports thrown in the collection of photos. Soccer Wednesday followed by cross country, basketball, and football over the weekend. If I can get out of football in time I will also have roller derby photos to share. Thinking about all of that makes my hard drive cringe, but I like the idea of getting a lot in this weekend. That is how it always should be.

More Photos From The Game

You can find my full gallery from the game here. I was really having fun shooting basketball again, and I think that it showed in my results. I try not to step on too many toes posting my gallery as I don’t see it as competition for the guys getting paid to shoot the game, but rather a supplement. I try and sit away from them so that I have a different view of the game. It never hurts to have a game covered from a couple of angles.

A Great Half

Having been out of town all weekend I really needed to get some stuff done so I only stayed for the first half of the game. It was a great half, and by the score I knew that fan favorite Abby Abel would play in the second half. That was a temptation to stay, but in the end I made my exit. I did so though knowing that this was the first of many games this season that I would attend. I will adjust my schedule to make that happen.

Reflections Of Fall

The Fall Colors Reflected in Lilly Lake

Friday before heading to Butler to photograph the Xavier volleyball team I stopped by Eagle Creek Park to check out the fall colors there. For the most part the fall colors had already left most of the trees. A few trees remained with some brilliant color, but they were pretty sparse. I found myself at Lilly Lake making some photos using the trees and the reflections. I found that I started focusing less on everything above the lake and more on the reflections in the lake. By the end I was just pointed right at the water to capture the reflection. On a windy day the water was never really still so I put my Lee Big Stopper on my lens to slow things up a bit. By the end I was shooting thirty second exposures of the water to get a clearer picture. Each photo was different as the natural current would give me a new look to the photo.

Having Fun At Eagle Creek

I have driven by Eagle Creek many times, but for some reason I had never stopped until Friday. This really is a cool place that it seems like there could be some cool photographs all year round. I really need to budget more time than I had Friday to go out and see just what is in the park. I saw a small portion, and I could see where I could have some fun here.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun one when you factor in all that is fun about Halloween. It was also a week where I took some time to photograph some things that I want to photograph which is always nice. You can find some of my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page. Maybe one more week with some photos with any color in them, and then the trees will be bare and it will be time to go inside and photograph sports for a while.

Blue Hour, Gold Tower

Perfect Timing

A while back we were leaving the Alton Brown show at the Elliot Hall of Music when I realized that the show let out at the perfect time. The sky was a beautiful blue, and of course we came out facing the Purdue bell tower. The gold light on the tower against the blue sky was just too much. Instead of hurrying to the car to head home I ran a few steps forward to make this photo. This is one of those unexpected photos that sometimes turn out the best.

Finding A New Subject

I really do just focus on a few things when I am on the campus of Purdue. It is hard to ignore the bell tower and the engineering fountain though. Here with the light just right the gold lights on the clock tower made this photo a no brainer. If the conditions are right then why photograph something else? Not many other buildings on campus are as iconic on campus as the clock tower.

Xavier Volleyball Takes On Butler

The Musketeers Take On The Bulldogs In Hinkle Fieldhouse

Last night I was back in Hinkle Fieldhouse again photographing Xavier volleyball. The last time that I saw the Xavier volleyball team they were winning a Big East tournament game in Hinkle. Now nearly a year later I am able to photograph the team again. This team has a lot of fun playing the game, and they make photographing them fun as well. I have been following the season from afar so it was good to see them up close and personal again.

Shaking the Rust Out

I don’t think that I had a bad game, but I really have not shot much volleyball this year. That is a shame as it is a fun, quick sport where you can be close and capture the emotion. I shot a scrimmage for Purdue, and three matches for Indiana State before this game. The bad part was all of that was before September. I have really enjoyed shooting volleyball in the past, but the opportunities just were not there this year. Maybe I can squeeze a couple of more matches in quickly before the season ends.

Photographing In Hinkle Fieldhouse

Hinkle Fieldhouse is an amazing place to photograph sports. It is an old barn that just makes for a good backdrop. The only downside to photographing there is that it is an old building, and it was not meant to house photographers. I usually just end up heading home to transmit my images because of the lack of internet. It is a small price to pay for getting to photograph such an iconic building. Every time I go I seem to make a new photo of this old gem. Here the sunset gave a great orange glow to the windows over the court making for an interesting photo.

Falling Up

Taking The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Above The Fall Foliage

One of the things that I was most excited about when I bought my drone was flying above fall foliage. I liked the idea of getting the birds eye view that I had only seen so far from a plane. Here I was able to get out and really pick my spots to try and make images. So far I still think that I am looking for that perfect spot. I have made some photos so far though that really show you what an epic event this is. This is a phenomenal sight to see every year that collectively we treat as something that is not too big of a deal. If I said that it wouldn’t happen for ten more years people would be lined up to follow it across the country from the north to the south.

Twisting and Turning

Part of the fun of the drone has been getting creative with it. This is not totally my creative notion here. I am borrowing a concept that my friend Trevor Mahlmann used for Christmas lights last year. You can see his photo here. I knew that I needed a cloudy day to pull this off, and luckily you get a few of those in the fall. I set my camera up for a two second exposure and flipped the stick to spin the drone. When it was fully spinning I started making some photos. It is definitely different although I am not too sure what my final verdict is yet.

More Art In Downtown Lafayette

Art In Downtown Lafayette

The art that has been popping up in downtown Lafayette the last few years has all been amazing. It gives you a new reason to just walk around downtown to see what is new. Last week while downtown for the trick or treat event they had the sky really started to light up. After a while with no good sunsets it was amazing to see a great one unfold in front of me. The sky was looking great when I was walking by the piece ‘We Rise Above’ which was made by Robert Barnum. I really love this sculpture and all that it represents. It was the perfect foreground element with the beautiful sky.

Sunday Morning Wabash River

One of the highlights of the Chicago Art Museum is taking a close up look at the famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. The work by Seurat is fantastic, and it has so many little moments in it. Now Lafayette has its own version called Sunday Morning Lafayette. Zach Medler has done a great job of taking the classic work and giving it a Lafayette spin. This is a must see now in Lafayette.

Fun On Halloween

Having A Blast On Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year where you can dress up and assume the identity of someone else. My daughter is just now getting to the age where Halloween is really fun for her. As you can see in the photo above she really loved running around Lafayette as Wonder Woman a few days before the main event.

Having Some Fun With The Candy

In the past I have had some fun with the candy bowl. I have put cameras in and around it to capture the joy of the moment that a child sees the candy that they want. This year I went with a boring photo of the candy in the bowl. My focus was on chasing Lanie around the neighborhood. These next few years will be fun before she doesn’t want me to come around anymore. I will chase her for as long as I can.

Pumpkins On The Porch

Last weekend I was supposed to be away, but with one of my teams in town the plans changed to just stay here. That allowed a lot more time with the family which is always nice. We were able to have some fun painting our pumpkins for the porch. I thought that some of that hard work should get a little shout out on the site.

Purdue Football Takes On Nebraska

Pregame Fun

After I shot the basketball game Saturday afternoon I really didn’t have anywhere to go in between the games so I just walked over the football field to make some photos. At the time just a few Boilers were on the field, and after a while only Nebraska players were there. I saw a Cornhusker player blowing bubbles so of course I concentrated on him. I always wonder what a player thinks as I focus on him or her for a while while I wait for the moment. I am sure it is not comfortable to them. Then again they might not even know that I am doing it.

Feeling Like An Outsider

This has been a crazy year in a way for me. I had shot eight games in seven different stadiums before I finally made it to Ross Ade Stadium. That is far too long, but that is the way that it has worked out this year. Very quickly I realized that everything had changed during warm ups. My normal spot to start was in the middle of the Nebraska warm ups. The field was flipped, and like a newbie I was standing on the wrong end. It was then that I realized that in a way I was. Once the game started though it was back to normal as that never really changes.

For Joe

This was my first Purdue game since the passing of Coach Joe Tiller. Joe is the reason that I am the Purdue fan that I am today. His teams were so much fun to watch that I really became a Purdue fan as a student. It was bittersweet to see the tribute on the Purdue helmet alongside the tribute for Bob DeMoss. A great addition to the new south end zone project would be the Joe Tiller statue.

Racing Legends

It was really fun to finally see the Purdue legends race in between the first and second quarter. This was my first chance to photograph Leroy Keyes, Bob Griese, Drew Bree’s, and Rod Woodson battling it out. This is a fairly simple concept, but one that adds to the fan experience. This is one of those little things that added all together have really changed the Purdue gameday. The university has really stepped it up the last few years. I can’t wait for the future.

Worship The Man

Richie Worship had a heck of a game Saturday night. He is a beast that is not easy to take down. A lot of my favorite pictures from the game had Worship in them. He is fun to photograph, and over the last couple of years has given me some great moments to photograph. He ended up getting away from the defenders in the photo above to gain a few more yards.  Continue reading