NCAA Golf Regionals Day One

Photographing Golf Again

I really enjoy photographing golf. It is fun to get out and make some images of a beautiful course like Kampen. At times I am just making a landscape photo and placing a golfer in it. Tuesday morning I was photographing three teams so I didn’t have the time that I would have liked to make some cool images. The beauty of the course though is something that just lends itself to cool shots.

Using the Course To Your Advantage

Some of the holes have very elevated tee boxes. That allows me to just get the golfer and the sky in my photo. It is a beautiful course, and I like to include it in most of my shots. When I get a chance to do this though I am going to take it. There are many spots to get something unique at this course. Over the course of the next three days I need to try and find those spots to make some cool photos.

The Early Morning Light

One great thing about golf is that you get to get out and photograph it in the early morning light. I am not a morning person, but I love that great light early in the morning. The great part about the light is when it falls right onto your subject like it does here. When the long shadows cover your player it can be a bummer though. I will take the good light however I can get it though.

Walking All Over

One thing about covering golf is that you get around. I thought that I was pretty smart with how I moved during the day and I still managed to walk nearly 8.5 miles shooting 18 holes. You are always looking for a good angle, and it seems like I walk more than I should to get that. Now that I have a couple of money spots on the course I may let the action come to me a bit more as the week goes on.

Seeing the Elephants on the Jungle Cruise

Taking the Great Jungle Cruise at Disney

One of the highlights of our last trip to Disney early on was the jungle cruise. The bad humor is just my kind of humor. If you have ever been next to me on the sidelines than you know that I was doing dad humor before it was a thing. That is exactly what you can expect on the cruise. It was also a fun exercise to try and make the fake animals and settings look real. One of my favorites from the cruise was this photo of an elephant busting through the brush. At some point I would love to head to Africa for a real safari. Until that day comes I will just have to settle for the wonderful world of Disney.

Planning the Next Trip

We have been tossing around the idea of heading back to Disney lately. I think that it would have already happened if not for some other fun trips coming up in the future. Disney is another thing altogether though with the amount of planning that you have to do way ahead of time to make it all go smooth. I do have a lot of fun making photos at Disney though. That is only secondary to the fun that the kids have as they walk around there. It really is a special place.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a weird week. The first three days were very heavy with sports, and then as the week went on the focus shifted to more quiet family moments. I was still making stuff every day, but not the kind of stuff that I share on the weekly post. This coming week will again be very heavy as I have three days of golf with a baseball game thrown in during the first three days of the week. From there the rest of the week is up in the air. You can see some of my favorite photos from the past week here on my Exposure page.

A Watercolor Morning

Spending a Morning in San Francisco

In 2013 I made a much needed trip to San Francisco at the end of May. It was a crazy month for me so a morning being creative around the Golden Gate Bridge was just what I needed. As I was exploring my surroundings before the sun came up I noticed this great scene in front of me. The moon setting over the bay was a perfect way to start the day. This was a photo that I never really knew what to do with. I liked it, but something was just missing from it. Back then I pushed the clarity slider on everything no matter what it was. It really did not work much for this photo so it never saw the light of day. It was only about four years later that I realized that going the other way with the clarity slider was what I needed to do here. That made it just a little more like a painting which is what I thought that I was looking at on the scene that day.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

A photo like this one is a great example of why you need to get out of your comfort zone. I tend to edit my photos very much the same way. This past year I have started experimenting a bit. That does not always make for a great photo, but it does give me new ways to express myself. By getting out of my comfort zone here I was able to create something that I really like.

Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops

The Hatch Shell in Boston

I have always wanted to go to Boston to see the Boston Pops play. The timing has never been right, but it is much like seeing the Red Sox game there. I want to do it, and it will happen sooner rather than later. While walking around the Back Bay I stumbled upon the Hatch Shell where the Boston Pops plays their annual Fourth of July concert. It is a beautiful shell where some beautiful music is played. I had to stop and make some photos of it.

The Arthur Fiedler Memorial

When I think of the Boston Pops I think of a couple of people. As a kid John Williams was the face of the Pops. Before Williams took over conducting though it was Arthur Fiedler’s group for 50 years. It was under the direction of Fiedler that the Boston Pops became what they are today. He helped make them a household name, and in the process he became a household name as well. The fantastic bust of him faces the Hatch Shell, and is a reminder of what he has done for Boston and the Boston Pops.

The Indianapolis Indians Take on the Charlotte Knights In Another Morning Start

Baseball in the Morning

For the second straight day I was up early heading down to Indy to photograph some minor league baseball. Victory Field is a place that is always fun to photograph at so it does not take much to get there early in the day. With over 150 bus loads of kids at the stadium the atmosphere was pretty cool too. Indy did not let the home crowd go home unhappy though as they pulled out the win for the series sweep of Charlotte.

Finally Getting To See Yoan Moncada

The main purpose of the two trips to Indy were to see Yoan Moncada and the rest of the Charlotte Knights play. They only come to Indy once, and Moncada may get called up sooner rather than later. Moncada is the top prospect in the minors right now. Add the fact that he is playing for my favorite teams farm club, and I was a little excited to see if he was the real deal. You can’t judge a player by one game, but from what I already know and what I saw Wednesday I would say that he is for real.

Making the Photo In Your Head

I have been wanting to try this angle during the autograph sessions for a while now. You really need to have someone patient with you as you are in their business to get the shot. I saw it somewhere, and thought of a way to make it even better. The light was right to make this work without any speed lights so I was in luck. Like any good photographer I practiced this on another player before Moncada stepped up to sign some autographs. I did not know if he would, but from what I have heard he always signs before a game. I figured out what my angle had to be on the other player so that when Yoan went to hand this ball back to the boy I would know what to do. This was my favorite shot of the game, and I made it about ten minutes after I arrived at the park. It was only downhill from there, but in that crazy good way.

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The Indianapolis Indianas Defeat the Charlotte Knights on a Tuesday Day Game

Back at Victory Field Again

It was nearly a year ago that I shot my last game for the Indy Indians. The season ended a lot earlier than I thought it would last year, but sometimes you have to do what you think is right. I loved shooting there, but the last game I shot left a bad taste in my mouth. Photographing Ball State at Victory Field last month reminded me how much fun I can have there. I decided to go back and give it a try again, but this time just shooting for Minor League Baseball.

The Top Prospect in Baseball Part One

The main reason I was at the game was to see Yoan Moncada play for Charlotte. The reason was two fold. With Andrew Benintendi with Boston Yoan becomes the top prospect in the minors. I don’t expect him to be there long so I wanted to see him in action before he was called up. The second reason is that as you know if you read this blog I am a huge White Sox fan. It is fun to have a few highly thought of prospects in the minors. I wanted to see some of them up close while I could. Of course when I got to the park I looked at the lineup sheet and Yoan was not on it. I did make this photo of Yoan in the dugout along with a few of him signing autographs prior to the game.

Making the Most Out of a Bad Situation

With Yoan not playing I was kind of wondering what I would shoot during the game. One thing that was clear from the beginning of the game was that his replacement at second base, Jose Vinicio, was going to have a fun game to photograph. He just seemed to constantly be in the right place at the right time to make an interesting image. I ended up with many photos of Jose on the day that I liked so it was all for the best. I hope to see Yoan play on my second visit to the stadium which will have already occurred by the time this post goes live. If you check my social media feeds I am sure you will see photos of him if he does indeed play. Continue reading

Purdue Softball Sweeps Nebraska on Senior Day

Purdue Softball Wins a Big Game on Senior Day

This year has gone by quickly, and it is hard to believe that Purdue softball is already done with their home schedule. The team went out on a high note though by sweeping Nebraska and heading into the Big Ten Tournament with a little momentum on their side. Right now this team seems to have it figured out. They are playing good softball right now and I will be watching them play in Ann Arbor from afar.

The Last College Softball Game of the Year?

The college softball season goes by so fast up north. It seems like the team was just coming home, and now the home season is over. Between Indiana State and Purdue this year I was able to photograph a decent amount of softball, but it never is quite enough. The season comes and goes so quickly that I always feel like I want to cover more.

Shooting the Other Team

On Sunday I pretty much covered the little bit of the game like I was covering Purdue. It is a habit that is hard to break. On Monday though I realized that I am there for fun so why not shoot things that look intestine to me. I wasn’t getting paid so why not have some fun? In that light the red jerseys of Nebraska looked great. I tried to shoot them a few ways, but backlit seemed to work the best. Shooting for the other team at times also gets me out of the way of the photographer being paid to shoot Purdue that day.  Continue reading

Purdue Baseball Takes On Northwestern On A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Purdue and Northwestern Battle It Out With the Big Ten Tournament On The Line

Sunday afternoon I went to the Purdue softball game which you can read about here. I also attended the Purdue baseball game against Northwestern. Northwestern is on the outside looking in right now for the Big Ten Tournament, and Purdue came into the game tied for 5th place in the league. The last couple of weeks will be interesting to see who is in and who is out of the Big Ten Tournament. There is a lot of baseball left to play, but a win Sunday would have made the road much easier for Purdue. They now have to face a tough Michigan team this week to try and solidify that spot in the tournament. If they want to make some noise in Bloomington they need to beat teams of Michigan’s caliber so it will be a good test for them.

Making Something Different at Alexander Field

I have been shooting at Alexander Field since the park opened in 2013. Sunday I was trying to make some photos that looked different than anything that I had made up to this point. At one point during the game I was sitting down shooting through a net to really have a look up at the players. That allowed me to get the beautiful blue sky in my frame, and do something a little different. It helped me make some photos from the game that I was very happy with.

Let’s Turn Two!

After a few years of shooting I still don’t think that I have nailed the classic double play shot yet. In my mind that is the shot of the runner sliding into second with the middle infielder jumping over them. I have made that shot in the past, but it is always from an elevated position. Here I still did not get that portfolio shot that I am looking for, but I was able to make something interesting. This was not entirely backlit, but fairly close. that allowed all of the dirt particles to show up even more. Add to that the fact that my camera was nearly at ground level, and you have a very interesting photo. I want to sit here for a while next weekend to see if I can get the shot I have in mind. I find myself excited at times when a really fast runner is at first. It seems that the player being there quickly often results in a great double play turn.  Continue reading

Purdue Softball Scores Late to Beat Nebraska

Purdue Surges Ahead of Nebraska in the 6th Inning For the Big Ten Win

Yesterday was a beautiful day for some hardball. I went out to the athletic complex to watch the Purdue baseball and softball teams play. I will talk a little about the Purdue baseball game in another post, but I want to focus on the Purdue softball game here. I arrived late in the game, but I was amazed by the crowd. Later on I saw that it was a stadium record crowd. I can believe it. The stands were packed, and they were treated to a show. Purdue used three runs in the sixth inning to take the victory and head into senior day with a little momentum.

A Chamber of Commerce Day at Bittinger Stadium

Yesterday was just an absolutely beautiful day for baseball and softball. Not only did I get to photograph some great games I also was able to work on my tan. You can’t ask for much better weather to play in. Today looks to be more of the same so I look forward to shooting the game. The sun being out allows you to see the dust flying around the field. It makes it much easier to tell the story of the game because it gives your photos some motion.

When Worlds Collide

Softball is a game where things happen fast. I think that is why I love shooting it so much is that it is not easy to get peak action in the field. When you do it is very rewarding. The play above may not have been the peak of the action, but it was an interesting moment just after it. A looping liner just out of the infield comes down quickly. Two Boilers racing for the ball collide just after one of them caught the ball. Everyone was okay after the play, and it provided a photo a little different than the rest. Continue reading

Purdue Walks It Off Against Northwestern

Purdue Is Spoiling Me This Year

For some reason when I just happen to decide to go see Purdue play they decide to walk it off. Last night I was shooting a banquet and it went a little longer than expected. I had my 400mm in the car to go and shoot baseball, but I was thinking about just heading home. I looked at Twitter and saw that the game was tied at one going into the ninth so I made my way over to Alexander Field. That says a lot about this team when I am expecting to see the walk off every time they have a chance. The best part about the walk off is that the player that has not been seeing the field a lot lately comes in as a defensive replacement in the ninth and then walks it off for his team.

Waiting For the Walkoff

I really did not shoot the game the way that I normally would last night. I was kind of waiting around for the walkoff. There was a few times when I had a hunch or something interesting happened that I did some shooting. In a couple of situations when the game was on the line I also photographed the batters as well. You can see my full gallery from the game here.

A Lot on the Line

Purdue is sitting in a good place right now. They are in a tie for fifth place in the Big Ten with seven games left. The top eight teams get into the Big Ten Tournament, and the team that is on the bubble to get in right now is Northwestern. A win Sunday would put Purdue in a very good position. They would have a four game lead over the Wildcats with six games left. The rubber match of the series is a very big game for this team working its way back up to the top.

Anatomy of a Walk Off

I thought that I would close the post off with a series of photos from the walk off. You have already seen an image at the top of the post, but I thought that I would post a series here because it was so fun. These are not all of the frames that I made at the time, but they are some of the frames that tell the story. You can see Hayden Grant making his way from first to home and then the celebration start. From my first click of Hayden until the final click of my shutter I made 80 frames. Here are a few that I liked.

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