Top 10 Roller Derby Photos Of 2019

My Ten Favorite Roller Derby Photos From 2019

This was a year when I really did not photograph very much roller derby. That is too bad because it is a great sport to cover. The action is good, and the personalities are even better. I only photographed two bouts so I don’t feel like I could do a top nineteen from the two days. I decided that a tighter top ten was better. Next year I need to get out more to make enough photos to do a top twenty. Here are my favorite roller derby photos from this past year.

10. Part of the fun of photographing roller derby are the little moments before the game begins. This was one of those little moments from before the last game of the year.

9. With the new Sony gear I can place my camera on the ground and still see what I am photographing. I like the little different look that I can get that way. I also like the new banner that the team has made for my background here.

8. A roller derby team is a big family. Here the entire team cheers on the jammer of the game. I love how much they get behind each other. These moments make the gallery complete.

7. I loved using my 300mm lens to get in close to the players as they skated by. They spend so much time on their makeup that it only made sense to get in tight to show it off.

6. Photo day is always a fun day. I never know just what to expect. These little behind the scenes moments are fun to make photos of.

5. The end of game tunnel is a great chance to grab a couple of photos to round out the gallery.

4. Things worked out good for me here as the jammer panty was changing hands. I love the look back as well. This is a good example of how everything can work out for you.

3. With the 300mm lens you can really get in tight and let the banner in the  background work for you. There is so much clutter on the walls that I like the idea of this cleaner banner as my background.

2. One of the skaters had a copy of the bat ‘Lucille’ from ‘The Walking Dead’. After the photo session was over we walked to the front of the loft that we were in to use the window light for this photo. I love the way that it turned out.

1. There are not many skaters left from that initial team that I photographed in 2012. Dreaded Thunder is one of them. Here during the last game of the season I found a good angle of her as she was coaching the team.

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