Purdue Defeats Nebraska On Hammer Down Cancer Night

Purdue Hammers Down Cancer

I love alternate jerseys. When the alternate jersey raises money for cancer it is even better. For this game the team wore special warm up and game jerseys for the game. They were auctioned off prior to the event so that the fans could own them, but also help fight cancer. I would bet that Purdue right now is the most alert campus right now about cancer. The trick will be keeping that awareness going.

Grady Owns The Night

Last game I talked about how Grady Eifert is so fun to watch because he always gives his all. I wanted to make an effort to make some photos of those effort plays. Of course the next game Grady goes off and has one of the most efficient nights that I have ever seen. Jon Crispin may not think he belongs on this team, but we all know that he is a huge part of this team.

Using The 300mm f/2.8

Of course getting a new lens this week I was going to use it as much as I could. For most of my game action I used the lens. It really was fun getting in tight with it. Of course if I was just my gallery I would have had to switch it up. When I am just trying to make something different for the gallery it works very well. I tried out a new remote at the game as well, but it didn’t quite work how I wanted it to. I will tweak it for my next game though to get what I had in mind.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week. Four games in the last four days help end that on a high note. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the Purdue Athletics Exposure page from the game. This is an amazingly talented group of photographers so it always feels good just to be talked about with them. This is another great gallery that they put together.

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