Ten Years After The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge Ten Years Later

Ten years ago my wife booked us a hotel room with an amazing view. As the sun set I was able to make some cool photos from our room. I had a little fun going back and editing this photo again with some things that I have learned over time. I have not been traveling at all lately. I need to get back out there and see the world again.

The Early Days

I was out in California using a new lens that I had just bought from my friend Andy here at Purdue. Ten years later he lives not terribly far from here, and I have changed quite a bit as far as my photography goes. That 24-70mm lens was an older model, but it was my first piece of ‘professional’ gear. It was Canon L glass which meant that it was awesome. I was still using a crop sensor camera, but I was on my way. Thinking back to those days there was wonder everywhere. I need to channel that more in my photography. That sense of wonder helps create nice images.

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