Harrison Baseball Senior Day vs. Frankfort

Catching A Bit Of Senior Day

Last night I had an hour to kill after dropping my oldest off at the Harrison softball field. Next door was senior day for the Harrison baseball team. A nice bit of timing allowed me to see the ceremony and photograph it before heading back over to softball. This week I have a game for one of the kids every night. My original plan for the day as far as baseball went was to photograph the Purdue day game. It was the one game on the schedule where if it were nine innings I could photograph the entire game. Of course it was cancelled due to weather, and the weather never showed up. I did get back over to baseball after my softball game was over though. I was able to see most of the last inning or so of action.

A Wider View

I usually like to see the entire game when I photograph it. I like to tell the story of  the day from warm ups right through the handshake line. This year though I have been thinking more about the story of the season. That allows me to just pop in from time to time in small increments to make photos. Last night I was only able to see pregame and the final inning, but later in the year those photos will help tell the bigger story of the season. Below are a few photos that I made on the night.

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