Big Ten Women’s Tennis Championship Sunday

Championship Sunday At The Big Ten Women’s Tennis Tournament

One thing that I have always enjoyed in this crazy thing that I do for a living is covering a tournament. Over the course of the past few years I have been lucky enough to get to cover a lot of tournaments in a lot of sports. A few years ago I was able to cover the Horizon League tennis tournament in this same building. That was a crazy tournament with both the men and women competing for titles. This one was much more laid back with just one tournament happening at this site. These things are never that easy to cover. There were a couple of very long day where you have to keep sharp the entire time. I found that I could do that by giving myself little challenges to keep a goal in front of me. By the time it ended I was wondering what I would be doing the next day. After five days of this kind of being the center of my world it will be weird to go back to the normal every day tasks. This week my kids have softball games every night so there will be no rest for the cameras. It will be a bit more laid back though. This was a fun few days, and maybe in the future for fun I will make a post with some of my favorite images from the five days of tennis. For now here are a few of my favorites from the last day of the tournament.

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