Morning With The Great Horned Owlet

Spending Some Time With A Great Horned Owlet

The other morning while out at the Celery Bog one of the birders pointed me to a tree where a great horned owlet was hanging it. It had recently fledged the nest, and was starting to test out life outside of it. I watched it for a half an hour or so before moving on, but it was really fun watching this owl checking everything out. The squirrels that were playing on the trees around it seemed to not care that this predator was just feet from them. Soon they will have to pay attention to this owl.

No More Photos Please

At one point during my time with the owl it put its foot up in front of its face. This is what I do with my hand when I don’t want photos made of me. The owl though didn’t seem to care about the photos so much. It was just interested in cleaning that foot. I thought that this was a fun photo though as it reminded me that I was a member of the paparazzi in this case, and that I should probably just move on. Below are a couple of bonus photos from a fun time with this owl. At the end is a photo of one of the parents in another tree making sure everything was going okay.

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