West Lafayette JV Baseball vs. Benton Central

Catching A Couple Of Innings Of Baseball

Last night I dropped my oldest off at her softball game and I had an hour before I had to be back before the start of it. As I was making the short trip home the rain started, but I also saw a baseball game was starting at the high school field as well. The great thing about having a baseball field in the neighborhood is that you never know when you will stumble upon a game. I went home real quick and grabbed my gear to make some photos for the first couple of innings. I didn’t get to see a lot of baseball, but I made it through the order for West Side once which was good. Earlier in the day I had been thinking that it will be a while before I photograph my next baseball game. This week has softball and tennis all over it. If I can make it I would love to photograph roller derby on Saturday as well. With the kids schedule and a 12 match tennis tournament to photograph the week was not meant for much baseball. I am glad that I was able to squeeze a couple of innings in last night.

More Photos From The Game

Here are a few photos that I made from the game. I might be the only one there who was hoping for a little bit longer with the rain, but when the sun would come out it was much better than the rain.These quick trips to the park don’t allow me to really tell a story. It becomes more about finding moments to capture. I also had some fun warming up for my softball game by making some photos of the catcher. He was really working back there so I tried to reward him a little with a few extra photos.

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